It isn’t always easy to stay active, much less motivated, during this quarantine. In a time where many of us are staying home, it is easy to just call it quits and do nothing all day. Whether you prefer binge-watching your favorite shows or just lounging around all day, we can agree that sometimes we need a break from taking a break. The days can get lost or just seem to melt together. Well, if you are experiencing these things and are looking for a way to be active, even within the confines of your home, stay tuned for these 15 ways to stay active during quarantine.

1. Stand while doing daily chores

This one may seem a bit far-fetched, but if you are someone who writes emails daily, or who makes work calls frequently, a great way to stay active is to stand or walk while fulfilling these tasks. Think about it, how much time does it actually take you to write or respond to emails, or to make calls? If your answer is roughly 30 minutes then that would give you 30 minutes of more activity than usual. A simple pace around your living room will do the trick, or just standing is okay.

2. Take a walk outside

Spending so many days inside, we get to the point of missing the sun. Especially if you are someone who’s big part of their day consisted of being outside, or simply commuting to work. Of course, it is important to take precautions when walking outdoors, by following social distancing guidelines. However, these guidelines are a small feat to follow when you think about how good the sun will feel on your skin.

3. Bake!

Whether you’re a baker or not, there is something incredibly rewarding about following a recipe perfectly and then tasting the outcome. Baking can take a while and is a great way to stay active. Most of the recipes I follow take around a half hour or more to complete and are always so satisfying! It is mindless work, so throwing some tunes on and jamming could even add to your fun!

4. Do an at-home workout

It is so difficult to find the motivation to work out after binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy for five days straight, but a quick workout at home can always remind us how much we benefit from any type of movement. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “What do I look like jumping around in my living room?” That is exactly what I thought at first, but getting past that proved to give me so many benefits. Being one of the easiest ways to stay active, all you have to do is find a quick workout video that suits you on YouTube.

5. Take up Yoga

Although some yoga routines can be very strenuous, most just focus on breathing and realigning yourself with your surroundings. This is that “break from your break” that we were talking about. It is easy to let the days just pass doing the same things, but yoga will help you stay active while also improving your respiration, energy and vitality.

6. Doing some Just Dance

This is a lot more attainable than you think, you actually do not need any game console! Most of your favorite songs are featured in Just Dance and are on YouTube, waiting for you to learn them and dance along! This is especially great if you’re not much of a dancer and need tons of direction to get into the dance. It will definitely leave you wanting to do it the next day.

7. Walking your dog

This is a good time to remember that your dog misses the outdoors too! If you take up a daily walk or two, have your dog tag along with you. They get to use the world as their bathroom (instead of your house) and you get to soak up the sun, it’s a win-win.

8. Remodel parts of your house

This time is no doubt a time for change, and what better way to follow this than to change parts of your home to better fit your outlook? Remodeling can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. It can be as quick as moving your furniture around, or getting rid of clutter, even a paint job can set you in the right direction.

9. Tidy up around your home

There is nothing better than having a clean home, and it is even better that you can get some activity from doing just that! Not only does constantly tidying around your house give you a reason to be active, it will also make the environment in which you live that much more comfortable.

10. Cycling

Cycling is a low-stress activity that can be incredibly freeing and rewarding. Whether you cycle outdoors, or indoors on an electric bicycle, getting into that movement is an excellent way to incorporate activity into your quarantine.

11. Stair Climbing

If you have stairs in your, or need stairs to get to your home, then you have one of the easiest ways of staying active at your disposal! Going up and down those stairs a good amount of times a day, maybe twice every hour, can keep you active for the whole day! Any amount of times you do it helps of course.

12. Maintain hobbies that keep you moving

This one may be as easy as knitting! If you cannot do workouts at home, then doing something like knitting will help you improve dexterity and improve pain from arthritis, or may help to avoid it in the long run! Other activities may include pottery, crocheting, and even flower pressing.

13. Give pets and kids more playtime than ever

A simple game of catch with your kid, or of fetch with your pet can be enough to get you active! A definite plus is getting to spend some meaningful time with your kid, pet, or both! Even with older kids, other activities like dancing or taking a walk could appeal to them more.

14. Give your car a good wash.

This week, skip taking your car to get washed. Wash it yourself, if that is a possibility for you. It will give you some time to be under the sun and be active for 20+ minutes. Your car will be clean and you will feel accomplished.

15. Sneak in an exercise while watching TV

This one is more game-based and could become really fun when doing it with someone else! Whenever a show says a specific word, maybe do 10 squats, or run in place for 10 seconds. Choosing a common word like “like,” or “are,” is essential because it will get you moving more. This activity can lead to either a really fulfilling workout at the end, or a very fun time with a friend as you both try to keep up with the tasks you set up for yourselves.

Remember, if you’re like me and have had to stay home for the better part of two months, one of the best ways to stay sane indoors is to have a routine. Getting up at the same time, having a workout, going out with your pet, going grocery shopping, working in your PJs, any order you best prefer. Squeezing some form of activity in your routine will add to your quality of life in the long run. So, let’s stay positive and help ourselves in any ways that we can, with a combination of the previously mentioned activities, or even just one, if it is all you can handle at the moment. We here at GACN want to remind you to stay safe above all else.


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