Let’s learn how best to reach for success together! We know that you and your business may be struggling right now and we want to help. No matter where you are in your journey, let us guide you towards business and financial success for the next 18 days. This could be right for you if you have an existing business, or even if you are thinking about starting a business but don’t know where to start. Follow us as we take this 18 Day Journey to Success.

Day 1: Be productive

Today is all about being productive! To start your journey to success, you first need to start your day off the right way! Read our blog post to learn more about starting your day off the right way. Learn about the simple tips you can use today to jumpstart your day for maximum productivity.

Day 2:  Read this article from Regions Bank

Today, let’s learn about the economic factors that may affect your small business in 2020. It is incredibly important to read about the effects the coronavirus outbreak may have on your business. This way you will not only be more knowledgeable about these changes, but be better able to prepare for any uncertainties. Read all about it here.

Day 3: Listen to this podcast

Before you think about starting a business, you should learn more about the ins and outs of business ownership. The first step to do that is to listen to this podcast from Regions Bank. After this podcast, you will feel more knowledgeable about what it means to own a business.

Day 4: Financial Success Budgeting

One of the most important tips for financial success is to budget ahead of time! Don’t worry about finalizing a budget for yourself today, instead just make sure to learn as much as you can about budgeting in general. To help you figure out all about budgeting today, read this article and listen to this podcast about creating a monthly budget!

Bonus article: If you’re interested in zero-based budgeting and want to read more about it, read this article from Regions Bank.

Day 5: Set your own budget

Since you already have learned about the ins and outs of budgeting, you are now ready to set your own budget! Setting up a budget (and sticking to it) will help you in the long run. This way you will be able to know exactly where your money is going. To help you set your monthly budget, use this calculator tool from Regions Bank.

Day 6: Save money and achieve financial success

Now that you have created a budget, you need to learn the best ways to save your money in order to stick to your budget! Saving money, while difficult, is incredibly possible. Read this article from Regions Bank about the 10 best ways to save money.

Day 7: Figure out if a business checking account is right for you

While it may not seem like a priority right now, separating your business funds from your personal funds is an important step for any business! Read this article to learn more about business checking accounts and see if it’s the right option for you.

Bonus: Click here to compare different business accounts from Regions Bank.

Day 8: Figure out if you need a business credit card

Now that you have figured out if you need a business checking account, today let’s figure out if you need a credit card for your business! Read this article to read about the many benefits of having a business credit card!

Bonus: Click here to compare the different business credit cards Regions Bank offers.

Day 9: Keep your business paper-free

Did you know your business could actually SAVE money by going paperless? Well, it’s true! Making the change from printed documents and files to digital documents will help eliminate printing costs. It will also help you save time as going through piles of paper to find a document is time consuming! And finally, you’re being more eco-friendly by going paperless! So, make the change today! Read this article about ways you can go paperless in your business.

Day 10: Review your business expenses

Today let’s watch this video about the importance of reviewing business expenses from Regions Bank! This video will help you learn more about the best way to handle your business expenses.

Day 11: Boost your social media presence

The best way to reach customers is to be active on social media. Social media is an amazing way to connect with existing clients and find potential clients to market to. Use your website and social media accounts to keep clients updated. Read this article about 8 secret ways you can increase your social media engagement.

Day 12: Try Avondy to achieve financial success online

Now that you’ve learned all about increasing your social media presence, it’s time to try Avondy! Avondy is the first and only marketplace that will help you market your products and services in ways that reach more customers! Avondy is free to use and has a load of benefits all tailored to help you succeed! Learn more and register for Avondy today.


Day 13: Know your financial success goals

Take time today to realize what your financial success goals are and write them down in this worksheet from Regions Bank! Achieving your financial goals are possible, you just need to be persistent and organized and you will get there.

Day 14: Set up an emergency fund

It’s always a good idea to have savings tucked away for a rainy day! Planning ahead can make emergencies easier to cope with. Let’s start off today by watching this video from Regions Bank to learn the importance of setting up an emergency fund! Today you should also take the time to read this article about four simple ways you can work to build an emergency fund for yourself and your business.

Bonus tool: use this calculator to find out how much you need to save for an emergency fund!

Day 15: Become a GACN member

There are many benefits to becoming a GACN member. We are passionate about helping you succeed and making your journey of small business ownership comfortable. Take time today to read about the advantages and benefits of becoming a GACN member and register today.

Day 16: Don’t make the same mistakes others have made

When you’re just starting out, it can be easy to make mistakes. Learning the common mistakes business owners make will help you avoid them in your journey to success. Read our blog post about the 10 most common mistakes business owners make to make sure you don’t make the same ones.

Day 17: Read The Ultimate Small Business Survival Guide

We here at GACN have broken the Ultimate Small Business Survival Guide into 3 easy steps. The steps include information about supporting employees, exploring ways to mitigate loss, and reinventing your business to survive and succeed. Read all about it here.

Day 18: Attend the Virtual Financial Tips seminar presented by Regions Bank and GACN

For our final day of the 18 Day Journey to Success, attend the Virtual Financial Tips seminar presented by Regions Bank and GACN. You will learn more about how to finance your business, budget for future success, and take control of your cash flow situation! You will be able to ask questions and gather personalized feedback to help your business survive, grow, and be successful. As an added bonus, you will also receive 3 FREE months of the GACN Entrepreneur Membership. Register for FREE today.


Thank you for following along and we hope you enjoyed the 18 Day Journey to Success! Make sure to use this checklist to follow your progress.

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