For most of us, self-isolation is like the whiplash you experience after an unexpected, abrupt halt after cruising at 70 miles per hour. It’s jarring! But the new norm—working from home or learning from home, spending more time inside—is also forcing us all to slow down. It’s not all bad, being home, once you start realizing all the fulfilling and productive things to be done there. And we’re in it together! So I put together this list of fruitful and fun activities to do at home to spread the positivity around.

Bring Out Your Art Supplies

Whether you like working with clay (try your hand at a stop motion video!), watercoloring, or drawing, set up a little corner to start practicing art again. Crafting and getting creative is such a great way to get out of your head.

Volunteer Virtually

There are lots of communities to support right now, and though we can’t necessarily provide relief or comfort with our physical presence, we can certainly contribute what we can.

Channel Your Inner Bartender

Instead of sticking to the same old drink recipes, challenge yourself with some trickier (and more exciting) cocktail recipes. Everyone will thank you—even if “everyone” actually just means you and your cat.

Take Up Needlepointing or Knitting

Studies show that knitting is actually a huge stress receiver. So not only will knitting a new blanket give you something to cuddle up with, but it’ll also be a soothing process. Or needlepoint a pillow with a cheeky phrase or image on it to capture your mood.

Work Your Way Through a Cookbook

If you’re someone who collects cookbooks but only ever really makes one of the recipes or you’ve never actually even made a recipe from them and simply use them ass coffee table decor, this is the perfect opportunity to dive in. It’ll make cooking (and eating) so much more enjoyable. Plan out themed dinners to spice it up even more!

Browse Auction Sites

If you don’t want to over-spend right now but miss finding inspiration while window shopping, just do it virtually. Watch live auctions on eBay for extra excitement.

Put Together a Virtual Book Club

More downtime inside = more time to read. Try the book-a-week challenge and then get together on FaceTime with a group of friends to discuss it. Or, if you have a list of classics you’ve been meaning to get through, now’s the time. Currently on my list: Weather by Jenny Offill.

Bead Jewelry

Doing something detail-oriented and creating something beautiful is both soothing and long-lasting!

Flex Your Green Thumb

If you’re able to safely spend time your yard, now’s a good time to dive into gardening. But even if you don’t have a garden or a backyard at all, you can get in on the fun with a small herb garden for kitchen. Or just order an indoor plant online.


Whether it’s already a staple in your routine or you’ve been a long-time hater (me!), now is the good time to invest in finding your inner zen. Tara Martello, M.S., says, “when we’re worried about our resources, we have to look within. We have our breath. This disease is affecting our lungs and our breathing. If we still have our breath right now, let’s find it.” This app will help you get started.

Organize a Talent Show

If you’re currently cooped up in a household of two or more, organize a little talent show. Whether it’s playing the piano, spoons, or doing a little jig, a little light-hearted fun will be much appreciated. The more comedians in the house the better! Laughing. Is. Good.

Do Some DIY Projects

There are, no doubt, plenty of things around your house that could use some sprucing up. Whether you’ve been meaning to reorganize the pantry, paint a door frame, or install floating shelves, these minor home updates will improve the environment, and thus your mood (plus, they’ll keep you busy). Here are some DIY ideas to get you started.

Master New Makeup Looks

Just because you’re not going out lately doesn’t mean you can’t have fun trying out some new makeup looks. Look on the bright side: You’ll have plenty of time to master them before their public debut.

Teach Your Community

For example, host a Zoom sessions in your area of expertise (like taxes if you’re an accountant or yoga if you’re an instructor) and spread the word on social media.

Learn How to Cut Hair

…if you have a willing and able roommate who you’re already quarantined with! After learning to cut someone else’s hair, I’m now focused on learning to cut my own.

Tour an Exhibits Online

Lots of museums are setting up their exhibits online, so we can still get our arts and culture fixes from the confines of our homes. Here’s a look inside the Met!

Research a New Topic

Been curious about a specific period in history, a public figure, some strange conspiracy theory, or really anything at all? Now’s the time to educate yourself. Become an expert! Go knee deep into the Reddit weeds.

Do Yoga or Pilates

There are so many great at-home apps to try. You could opt for a guided class or just look up moves to replicate at your own pace. My favorite is Glo.

Learn a New Language

If you were pro in a foreign language in high school but have since lost your magic or you’re a first-timer, now is a good time to download a language app like Memrise or Duolingo and start practicing. Or, if you’re not interested in learning a new language, sign up for another kind of online class.

Teach Your Pet New Tricks

If you’re lucky enough to have a furry friend right now, why are you even reading this? How dare you. Just kidding!! Might as well teach them to roll over.

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