Looking to sell clothes online for cash? Then check out our top 5 sites like Poshmark that you should consider. Start selling clothing on these sites today and earn extra cash to pay bills or unplanned expenses.

1. Avondy

Avondy provides a fresh approach to selling clothing online. You cannot only list items for sale on Avondy, but if you subscribe to an entrepreneur membership, you can request one-on-one personalized marketing services. This marketing service, also known as Avondy Support, will help you sell your clothing faster. You can also use the service to help you start your own clothing business.

Listing items on Avondy is free, and the marketing team behind Avondy works hard to bring lasting customers to your online store. Unlike Etsy and Poshmark, which has exceptionally high competition and no marketing support, Avondy ensures your store receives visibility and the tools to succeed. Most vendors on Avondy see items sell within seven days due to the number of social media influencers used to promote Avondy. With Avondy, you will see your clothing promoted on various social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram to sell your clothing faster. Join Avondy today! It is fast, easy, and hassle-free.

2. thredUP

thredUP made our list as one of our top 5 sites like Poshmark. They will sell your items so you can focus on friends, family, and life itself. First, you will need to clean out your closet by removing the items you want to upcycle. Thred Up will ship you a Clean Out Kit, that you can quickly fill up with high-quality clothing items from any brand. Then, you send off the Clean Out Kit, by leaving it with your mail carrier or drop it off at FedEx or USPS.

Finally, you get paid for the items when they sell. The great thing about Thred Up is that it takes all sorts of different brands, from chain stores to designer stores. Although Thred Up is an excellent site like Poshmark, it pays 5 to 80 percent of the anticipated selling price. Whereas Avondy, charges a small 2.9 percent and $1.30 per item sold.

3. Vinted

Vinted makes it easy to sell clothes online, which is why it made our top 5 list of sites like Poshmark. Selling clothing on Vinted is easy, and it is free. Get started by listing an item for sale. To list an item, you will need to upload some great photos, write an eye-catching description, set a fantastic price, and set up a shipping method. Next, you will need to build a profile by setting up a Vinted Wallet, profile description, and payment options. Your profile description is essential because it will help you build trust with potential buyers. So, find your best shot and upload it.

Finally, you will wait for buyers. If a buyer has a question, be ready to answer the question quickly. You can also use the “Make Offer” button to offer a buyer a better price. You will be notified of all the steps a buyer makes to be better prepared to ship. Once your item sells, pack and ship. Once the buyer receives your item and notifies Vinted that everything is OK, your payment will automatically be available.

4. Tradesy

Tradesy makes selling clothing online fast, simple, and stylish, making it one of our fabulous sites like Poshmark. On Tradesy, you can start selling clothes from your closet in minutes. The Tradesy app makes selling clothing accessible anywhere and anytime. Although you can only sell authentic, designer fashion clothing on Tradesy, you will earn top dollar and get the best price. Tradesy has excellent customer service and can be contacted day or night by phone or email. Lastly, Tradesy provides excellent support for returns and shipping. Selling clothing on Tradesy is simple, and for items less than $50, they deduct a flat commission fee of $7.50.

5. Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace recently launched, which makes it a great place to sell clothing. The Marketplace has a vast reach, and because it is new, the market is not overly saturated like Etsy and Amazon. One significant aspect of selling clothing on Facebook Marketplace is that there are no seller fees or taxes. However, the process to start selling on Facebook is not simple and easy, like Avondy or Tradesy. So, be prepared to dedicate a little extra time to set up your marketplace.

Avondy, thredUp, Vinted, Tradesy, and Facebook Marketplace are sites like Poshmark you should consider when deciding where to sell your clothing. If you have difficulty deciding, try two or three sites from our top five list for 30 days and see which site works best. Start by listing a few items, then make a final decision after seeing which one best fits your needs.

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