When you think about the word “subscription,” you probably think about Netflix or Hulu, not about cool products in the mail every month. Well, I’m here to tell you that subscription boxes exist! And they arrive every month filled with things that are endlessly exciting. After all, the best part about ordering something is receiving it in the mail. It’s like the holidays all over again! By signing up for subscription boxes, you can keep a hobby alive and flourishing with new products every month, or simply sign up to a service that brings you new things to try monthly! Check out the different things you can receive in subscription boxes below!

1. Makeup Boxes

Some of us with a real passion for makeup oftentimes don’t have the financial lifestyle to sustain our wildest makeup fantasies. So a makeup subscription box is a great way to learn about new products and try them out without breaking the bank! Most of these makeup subscription boxes are customizable too, so you can say if you would rather have more skincare products than actual makeup or vice versa. They also do pretty well with sending you makeup products that match your skin tone, so that is something less to fear when subscribing to these boxes! Some of the best subscriptions include Ipsy ($10+), Birchbox ($13+), and Glossybox ($21+).

2. Food Boxes

Food subscription boxes are one of the most versatile types of boxes. They range from full-on meal kits to cool new snacks from different parts of the world! They are a great way to meal prep or just to satisfy your craving for something new to try! HelloFresh ($6.99/meal) and HomeChef ($9.95/serving) offer meal kit boxes that bring everything you need to make the meal that you choose! Other subscription boxes like Bokksu (Japanese snacks, $19+) and Munchpak (snacks from a different country every month, $9.95 +) bring snacks from around the world.

3. Art Boxes

Creating art is a hobby that can be very expensive, especially if it is just a hobby and not a fulltime job. It can feel a bit overkill to spend so much money on art supplies you might not use for long. This is where art subscription boxes come in. For full-fledged artists and experimenters alike, art subscription boxes allow you to explore new products every month and get creative! Sketchbox ($25+) and Palettefull Packs ($24.95+) pack art supplies ranging from oil paints to sketchbooks to allow you to create endless pieces of art. These boxes even exist for kids! Doodle Crate ($19.95+) caters to their products for kids to keep your little ones entertained and creative.

4. Clothing Boxes

During this pandemic, it is getting a bit difficult to shop for clothing. Especially if you order them online, it’s a bit difficult to get the sizing correct! With clothing subscription boxes, you can pick and choose what you like from the box and send back what you don’t like or what didn’t fit. Subscription boxes like Stitch Fix ($20+), Frank and Oak Style Plan ($25+) and many more offer this perk! There are even footwear subscriptions like Shoedazzle ($39.95) which send you a pair of shoes of your choosing monthly!

5. Fitness Boxes

If you’re someone who is motivated by new fitness gear then this type of subscription box will probably be your favorite! Boxes like these offer everything from workout outfits, to water bottles, to weights. Any workout goodies you’ve ever hoped for can come in these boxes. Gainful ($49+) and Muscle Box ($29.99) are great options that even offer snacks and workout shoes in their boxes.

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