Knowing exactly what to include in your resume can be a challenge! Luckily these 5 tips for writing an amazing resume will send you well on your journey to your dream job.

Review resume examples for your industry

To start writing your resume, you should first look at some example resumes of other professionals in your industry. This will help you learn the basic elements of a resume in your industry and also give you inspiration for unique elements you would want to include. You will likely see similarities in these resumes such as them being simple, easy to read, and to-the-point. Remember, employers have a minimal amount of time to read your resume so keeping your resume simple and to-the-point is to your benefit.

Put the most important information first

As previously mentioned, employers don’t usually have a lot of time to read resumes. Keeping your resume brief and putting the most important information first will be incredibly beneficial to you. Having the attributes relevant to your industry first will immediately draw the attention of the employer and help you in the end.

Add number that quantify accomplishments

Numbers are a surefire way to draw your employer’s attention. Adding details and specifics as quantifiable elements is extremely valuable in your resume. For example, instead of writing “Led campaigns on social media platforms,” it would be better to write something like, “Implemented marketing tactics on 3 social media platforms that led to a 38% increase in website traffic from posts.” Adding the extra quantifiable details are what will set you apart from others.

Don’t put everything on your resume

Not everything you have done should be on your resume! If this were the case, your resume could easily be 10 pages long. Keeping only the most relevant and recent information will help keep your resume around 1-2 pages. This will help your resume be brief and easy for the employer to read.


Before you turn in your resume, it is essential to proofread and edit your resume multiple times. Ensure that there are no spelling or grammar mistakes in your resume and edit any sentences that aren’t easily understandable. Make sure that your resume as a whole doesn’t have any inconsistencies, for example different text sizes, fonts, or spacing that is slightly off. Letting another professional have a look at your resume could be helpful as they may be able to offer different ways to correct or improve your resume.

With these 5 tips, you are sure to have the tools needed to create an amazing resume that will wow your employer!

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