Who We Are and What We Do

BOND Heals, a nonprofit organization based in Clermont, Florida, supports women nationwide, providing financial aid for those dealing with mental health and addiction challenges. Our mission? To help women access treatment facilities offering a variety of services like counseling, rehab, and mental health support.

Why Your Support Matters

Recovery isn’t a one-size-fits-all journey—it’s unique for everyone. BOND Heals is like a guiding light, making sure women get the personalized support they need, including therapy and professional help, on their way to recovery.

Empower Change with BOND Heals

Our impact is fueled by generous donors, community partners, and dedicated volunteers. You can be a part of this transformative journey—explore how you can join us, volunteer your time, and make a difference.

Our Story

The BOND Heals story starts with Sabrina, a little girl with a big wish to bring her family back together.

As Sabrina enjoyed her kindergarten class, her world abruptly shifted. Her mom encountered a mental health crisis, urgently requiring assistance. Consequently, Sabrina was abruptly separated from her siblings and thrust into a challenging situation. Despite her mom’s continued struggle for support, the fractured family could not be reunited. Subsequently, Sabrina endured 12 years in foster care, persistently longing for the reunion with her family.

Sabrina’s experience sparked her commitment to helping others. As a Guardian ad Litem (GAL), she spoke up for kids who needed a voice. Now, through BOND Heals, we’re working to prevent families from being torn apart and helping women get the support and treatment they need to reach their full potential, personally and professionally. Together, we can make a real difference.