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We’re thrilled you’re here! The BOND Community is an inclusive membership organization designed to help women foster friendships and meaningful connections. We provide elevated experiences such as getaways, events and social outings exclusively for women.


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Meet Your Founder Sabrina Simmons

In 2021, I started the BOND Community to connect with women in my local area. Fast forward to today, the community has extended its reach to 17 states and now boasts a membership of over 4,000 strong.

Within the BOND Community, we provide unforgettable events, such as destination getaways, seasonal parties, themed dinners, and more. We aim to help women from diverse backgrounds to celebrate life, extend support, and foster enduring connections.

If you resonate with the spirit of our community, we invite you to join us just as you are. 

The BOND Community is for you if…


You want to make new friends and connections


You enjoy traveling with like-minded women that support you


You want to attend fun events all year long


You want to connect with empowered and confident women in your community

There’s nothing quite like the BOND Community, where we engage in real conversations and build real connections while having a fantastic time. 

Our Partners

What you can expect…

Networking Events and Workshops

Bimonthly Themed Events and Meetups

Opportunity to Host Your Own Free or Paid Events

Community Chats and Local Groups

Virtual Events, Guest Speakers and Seminars

Sea and Land Travel Getaways

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