As a GACN Affiliate Ambassador, it makes great sense for you to promote our services in a Facebook group. It can prove to be a great marketing strategy and help you earn commissions faster. Not only will it help you promote our services, but it will also help you build a community of business owners for networking opportunities.

You can answer any questions they might have and portray your expertise of the services we offer. By being an Admin of your Facebook group, you will have many opportunities for networking and forging personal connections. You surely do not just want to sell once. You want to have loyal members who keep coming back to you. This is what Facebook group marketing is all about!

If you want to make Facebook groups work for you, here are a few key tips…

Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing Through Facebook Groups

Compared to regular Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups are a fast and easier way to create and manage. If you have a limited budget for advertising and audience-building, but you’re confident about the relevance and uniqueness of the content you will share, a Group can be an ideal starting point, as initial members will add their friends along the way. If this proves successful, you’ll have conjured up an engaged audience, attracted solely by your content and group engagement, without spending a penny. Also, when compared to a standard Page, an active community in a Facebook Group has the potential to create far more organic reach for your posts.

For best results, create a Business Networking Facebook Group. This can be a group in your city, region or state. Have fun and post content to help business owners. Share your affiliate link and encourage other group members to post about their products and services.

But How Do I Promote My Group Posts?

Because Facebook doesn’t allow you to promote Facebook Group posts, you’ll struggle to grow your audience beyond the organic reach of your Group. However, this can be offset by setting up a Page where you can share the posts from your Group and use advertising to promote them. However, don’t post direct Affiliate links in your advertised posts, as this contravenes the Terms Of Service. We encourage you to include your Group link – as a comment on each post on your Page – so that anyone in your Page’s audience can easily join your Group if they’re interested.

Note that, by default, every member is allowed to create a post in a Group. This might become a problem in your Group as, in extreme circumstances, it may be swamped with irrelevant, controversial, or spam posts. You could of course restrict this by limiting posting rights to Admins only. However, bear in mind this might antagonize your Group’s members, so it needs to be handled very delicately.

Promoting affiliate links on Facebook, or on other social media, is for many affiliate marketers the no. 1 technique. The reason for this is that it is much easier to get started as you don’t need to have your own website.

Before we get to the techniques for how to do affiliate marketing on Facebook, let’s first quickly go over some basic rules.

What Should I Create A Facebook Group About?

You should create a group around Business Networking or a product or service that interest you: one you love to talk about and build conversations around. Affiliate marketing requires patience, dedication and really hard work… Just plucking a topic out of the air in the hope of earning commissions is unlikely to work out well.

So be honest with yourself when it comes to this all-important decision, and decide if you can offer your members a unique angle on or approach to a topic – and also whether you know your market sufficiently well. As an example; if you’re passionate about Auto Repair, and have more expertise in repairing automobiles than the average person, then that’s a promising start; but at the outset, you should also assess whether you know enough about auto repair to share tips and tricks. As you get more mobile automobile mechanics to join your group, share your affiliate link and encourage them to join GACN. A ServicePage would be a great asset for any mobile mechanic to help them promote their business without spending hundreds of dollars on a website.

How Do I Attract Group Members To Begin With?

Your initial members need to be people who can offer you some constructive feedback or people that own a business and want to network. So, a trusted set of friends would be a great place to start. If you’re not comfortable with your friends being in the Group, search for a set of Groups similar to yours, and create a post there. Mention clearly what your Group is about, and offer some compelling reasons why people should join it. Of course, you should always gain permission from any Groups’ moderators before creating a post.

It’s very important to keep your members engaged. So when you create your Group, don’t just focus on attracting new members. Instead, create four or five informative, high-value posts before inviting waves of members, so that once they join, there’s something there to engage them and they won’t end up just staring at a blank page. If you already have a few relevant articles and posts on your website, you could share those in the Group too, to start with.

How Do I Post My GACN Affiliate Links?

You can either embed your Affiliate link in your post or include it as a clickable link. If you have multiple links in a single post, then go with the clickable approach, as that will make the post look neat. Moreover, Facebook and Twitter don’t allow you to edit the preview of an embedded link, so the clickable link is the preferred option. Always shorten your links using Bitly to keep your posts neat and tidy.

Do I Need To Tell Group Members I’m Earning Commissions From The Links I Post?

Yes – you need to be explicit and should mention this in the Group description. Also, repeat it in your pinned post. If possible, put a Disclaimer in every new post that contains affiliate links. It’s very easy for anyone to find out that your links are affiliate links, so not telling them is a surefire way to lose the trust you’ve built up with your members. Being upfront about your Affiliate links will help maintain your integrity. If you’re giving them great value and good advice on their future purchases etc, they’re unlikely to object to you earning commissions through sales.

When Will I Begin Earning?

If your posts really stand out and group members click your affiliate link to join GACN, you will earn a 50% commission. Encourage members to subscribe to the annual plan to save $50. This will give you EVEN BIGGER commissions. Having said that, you should focus on building your community first. Don’t compromise the quality of your posts, just so you can make a quick buck. Research, read, curate, and then post. With a vibrant community that trusts your word, money will soon follow.

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