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A Love Letter to Lake County Women

A Love Letter to Lake County Women

Dear Lake County Women, With heartfelt gratitude and admiration, I write to each and every one of you, the incredible women who form the heart and soul of Lake County Women Connect. Your presence and dedication have filled my life with purpose and joy as we strive to...

8 Little Things You Can Do To Empower Yourself

8 Little Things You Can Do To Empower Yourself

Author: Jackie Dishner My yoga instructor gave my class the best piece of advice recently when she told us the story of how her normally short commute to work was made long by an accident on the side of the road. Traffic didn’t move for an hour....

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Introducing the BOND Pinning Ceremony
Step into the realm of empowerment and connection with us as we unveil a remarkable occasion: The BOND Pinning Ceremony. This ceremony isn't just an event—it's a beacon of sisterhood, a celebration of unity, and a pledge to support one another on our journey of growth...
I Attended an Event to Build Connections, Now What?
So, you've taken that exciting first step to build connections by attending a vibrant meetup event with fellow women in your community or group. The relationships you've made are brimming with potential, and now it's time to nurture those seeds of camaraderie and...
8 Ways to Cultivate Meaningful Connections in Central Florida
In the bustling communities of Central Florida, building meaningful connections and friendships can enhance our lives in countless ways. As women, having a strong support system is vital for personal growth, shared experiences, and a sense of belonging. In this blog...
Like Traveling? Then You’ll Love Elite Members Travel
Whether you're looking for a group to travel with or want to connect with other like-minded women, our Elite Members Travel is the perfect place for you. We have something for everyone, from city breaks and beach holidays to adventure tours and luxury getaways. And...
10 Power Snacks for the Brain
Are you ever working on a project and stop for a snack and then after the snack, you’re feeling a bit drowsy and in the mood for a nap? You probably grabbed the wrong snack! One thing is true: what you eat determines your mood and can dictate how well you commit...
10 Black Owned Beauty Brands to Support
Support black owned beauty brands. The makeup world is endlessly vast, with countless brands and options to choose from. Regrettably, many of the “big” name brands do not represent darker skin tones within their products. Not only now, but dark skin tones have always...