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Love Meeting New People? You'd Make a Great BOND Ally.

As a BOND Ally, you’ll create a safe space where women are empowered to make meaningful connections, transform their lives, and pursue their dreams with confidence.

Getting Started is Easy

We’re excited that you’re interested in becoming a BOND Ally, and we’re committed to making sure your experience is fulfilling.


Begin your journey to becoming a BOND Ally by submitting an application.


Receive your Welcome Kit with free swag and essentials to promote and support your local club.


Host your first event or attend a BOND Ally meet and greet.

The BOND Ally Experience

The BOND Ally experience is truly exceptional, offering a unique opportunity where you can harness your transformative power to connect and empower women. 

Complimentary Elite Membership

Elevated Experience: Unlock the full range of Elite benefits on us.

Level Up Your BOND Membership: Become a BOND Ally Today!

It's time to take your membership to the next level! As a BOND Ally, you'll have the opportunity to connect with more women, build deeper relationships, and make meaningful connections within our community. Plus, you'll receive a Free Elite membership, granting you access to exclusive travel opportunities, additional events, and a 10% discount at the BOND Boutique with free shipping. Join us in enhancing your involvement within the BOND Community and take advantage of all the benefits that come with being a BOND Ally. Let's grow together and empower each other on our journeys. Sign up now to become a BOND Ally and elevate your membership experience.

Enjoy Exclusive Trips and Treats

Jet-Set and Savor: Exclusive Trips and Treats Await BOND Ally’s

As a BOND Ally, you're in for a treat. Indulge in an exclusive world of travel and experiences, from dream vacations to exquisite dining. It's our way of saying 'thank you' for your dedication to empowering women and building connections.

Attend Invite-Only and Special Events

VIP Access: Join Invite-Only and Special Events as a BOND Ally

Step into the spotlight and join a circle of BOND Ally's with exclusive access to invite-only and special events. Whether it's high-profile women's retreats or red carpet events, we ensure you're at the heart of the action, making meaningful connections and enjoying unforgettable moments.

BOND Ally Rewards: Why Join Us

Join us as a BOND Ally to reap a world of rewards, including exclusive merchandise, and complimentary event tickets, all while you build meaningful connections and empower women. 

Expand Your Network

Join us in hosting events and connecting with like-minded women in your local community and beyond. As a host, you’ll collaborate with The Bond Maker on signature experiences designed to foster meaningful connections among women. Expand your network, have fun, and make a difference—all while creating memorable experiences for yourself and others.

Partner for Meaningful Connections

Partner with us to empower women and foster meaningful connections through collaboration with community leaders and local businesses.

Grow Elite, Build BOND Clubs

Support the BOND Community by helping us expand our Elite membership and bring a physical BOND Club to your area.

Make New Friends

As a BOND Ally, you’ll be part of a group of awesome women who love trying new things, going to new places, and making new friends.

Special Events

Receive invitations to private events and opportunities to meet other Ally’s.

Enjoy Free Swag

Become a BOND Ally and enjoy exclusive club merchandise, complimentary event tickets, and more as a token of our appreciation for your dedication to building connections and empowering women.

Be Empowered

The BOND Community, created by a woman for women, centers on empowering women to prioritize faith first, family second, and career third, fostering an environment that encourages the pursuit of one’s passions and personal growth while embracing their true selves.

Join for $0, Plus Unlock Exclusive Discounts, Perks and More!

Are you passionate about fostering connections, empowering women, and making a real impact in their lives? If so, The Bond Maker invites you to join our vibrant community as a BOND Ally. We offer an incredible opportunity that allows you to do what you love most: helping other women make meaningful connections and lifelong friendships. What’s even better? You can get started for $0 – that’s right, it’s absolutely free!

We believe in transparency and flexibility, so there are no hidden fees, no minimum requirements, and no kidding around. With The Bond Maker, you can have fun all while making a positive difference in the lives of the women you connect with. Join us today and be part of a supportive community that values your passion for creating bonds that last a lifetime.






What’s Included:
Your Support, Digital Tools, and More

Explore what’s included with your BOND Ally program, from comprehensive customer support, digital tools, and personalized online stores to training resources and a supportive community.

Support and Professional Services

Enjoy robust support, including professional assistance, and access valuable resources through The Bond Maker website, alongside a dependable support group to address your needs.

Meetups and Support Group

Build relationships with other BOND Ally’s to get advice and support so we can grow and help women connect with each other.

Digital Tools and Marketing Resources

Access free materials for selling products and services on-the-go, leverage digital marketing resources to promote the BOND Community.

Training and Community Support

Benefit from a comprehensive support system that includes training resources, webinars, events, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get paid for being a BOND Ally?

BOND Ally’s are Independent Contractors passionate about hosting events, exploring new locations, and fostering new friendships. Although they do not receive a fixed salary, each Ally is granted a $7 monthly allowance for every active member in their BOND Club. This stipend is intended to help offset costs related to travel, venue rentals, food, and decorations. For instance, if a Club has 25 active members, the BOND Ally would receive a $175 monthly allowance to support event-related expenses.

Currently, BOND Ally’s who support clubs in Florida are not eligible to receive this allowance.

Can I start earning a monthly allowance right away as a BOND Ally?

Yes! As a BOND Ally, you’ll immediately start earning a monthly allowance from all Elite and Business membership enrollments. This allowance assists with covering various expenses.

At this time, BOND Ally’s supporting clubs in Florida are not eligible to receive an allowance.

How does scheduling work as a BOND Ally?

As a BOND Ally, you have the freedom to determine your own schedule and decide how many hours you need to reach your goals. There’s no need for a timecard; you can effortlessly adjust the frequency of your BOND Club events to align with your availability or objectives. This flexibility is one of the exceptional benefits of being a BOND Ally, allowing you to seamlessly balance your responsibilities, whether it’s alongside another job or other commitments, making it a versatile opportunity.

Can I cancel my BOND Ally membership any time?

Absolutely, you can cancel your BOND Ally membership whenever you like, but to keep your complimentary Elite membership, you need to stay active as an Ally. Cancelling is easy—just send an email to, and we’ll process your request within 24-48 hours.