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Meet singles who want long-term, committed, and loving relationships.

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Every client is supported by a team of seasoned professionals, including Matchmakers and researchers.

"Our professional matchmaking is designed with your confidentiality in mind. Experience discreet services where your privacy is our top priority."

Sabrina Simmons
The Bond Maker

Our Process


Step 1: Create Your Profile and Record an Introduction Video

Kickstart your journey by crafting a personalized profile that reflects your unique personality and preferences. Enhance your profile by recording an introduction video that gives potential matches a genuine glimpse into who you are.


Step 2: Get Matched and Screened by The Bond Maker Team

Our expert team will carefully review all possible matches based on your profile. Afterward, we’ll meet with you to go through a screening process and review the match profiles that we’ve found. 


Step 3: Private Match Setup and Date Arrangement

If you find a match that resonates with you after reviewing the profile sheet and video introduction, and if the feeling is mutual, The Bond Maker team takes charge of arranging a private date for you and your match. This step marks the exciting transition from compatibility to a real-life connection.


Step 4: Post-Date Follow-Up and Feedback Session

After your date, The Bond Maker team remains involved by following up with you to gather valuable feedback. Your insights contribute to refining the matchmaking process, ensuring a continuous commitment to providing meaningful connections.