Find Your Pickleball Partner with BOND Match.

No Partner? No Problem! We’ve Got You Covered.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a partner for our doubles leagues – BOND Match is here to match you with someone of the same skill level. During practice sessions, we’ll work closely with you to ensure you’re paired with a partner who complements your playing style. It’s not just about the game; it’s about making meaningful connections and having a blast on the court.

The Excitement of Our 13-Week Season

With BOND Match, you’ll experience the exhilaration of a 13-week Pickleball season starting January 15. The first three weeks are dedicated to practice, followed by five weeks of playoffs to determine seeding.

The final five weeks are all about the Finals, where you can aim for victory in the tournament. Pack your coolers, enjoy the music, and revel in the competition – it’s not just a league; it’s a reason to get out and have a great time.

Benefits of BOND Match


Inclusive Play Opportunities

Every Player, Every Game! BOND Match ensures that everyone, regardless of skill level, has the chance to enjoy Pickleball in a welcoming and inclusive environment.


Convenient Partner Pairing

No Partner, No Problem! BOND Match takes the hassle out of finding a playing partner – we’ll match you with someone of the same skill level for a seamless and convenient experience.


Meaningful Connections on the Court

Friendships in Every Match! Being matched with a player of the same skill level not only enhances your game but also fosters meaningful connections and friendships on the Pickleball court.

WNPPA Embraces Every Player, Pro or Beginner

Be Part of The Excitement

Whether you’re a newcomer to pickleball or a seasoned player, WNPPA caters to all, offering bracketed competitions tailored to your age and skill level in both singles and doubles. Seize the opportunity to immerse yourself in the electrifying world of Pickleball.