Are you a woman in Central Florida looking to make meaningful connections? Look no further. We are proud to announce the launch of Central Florida Women Connect (CFLWC), a new community that aims to help women in Central Florida connect with other like-minded women, expand their network and build new friendships.

CFLWC provides access to local clubs, such as Lake County Women Connect (LCWC), a club of more than 1,300 members, which will continue to grow as its own unique club. Orange County Women Connect (OCWC), a new club, serves women in Orange County, Florida.

Once a year, CFLWC will bring all clubs together for a night of fun and celebration. Women can meet other women from surrounding areas and make connections.

CFLWC is an inclusive women’s community that seeks to allow women to build relationships and foster growth. With this new platform, women from Lake County and surrounding areas can come together in a safe space to network, share experiences and learn from each other.

No matter who you are or where you are coming from – all women are welcome here.

CFLWC provides two membership options: Basic and Elite.

  • The Basic Membership provides members access to quarterly events, while the Elite membership provides access to monthly events, travel opportunities, outdoor adventures and more.

When members join CFLWC, they are prompted to join a home club. The home club provides opportunities for women residing in the same geographic location to connect locally and build new relationships.

CFLWC provides access to two clubs:

Orange County Women Connect and Lake County Women Connect. Members can join the club that focuses on the county they reside in for local meetups. Local clubs will schedule quarterly events so women can meet other local women for meaningful connections and friendships.

CFLWC understands that by connecting women with similar interests, women can expand their networks and build deep relationships. That’s why we are so excited to introduce the launch of Orange County Women Connect (OCWC) as an official club under Central Florida Women Connect. We look forward to seeing women come together to share experiences, foster growth and build relationships.

In conclusion, Central Florida Women Connect is excited to provide an opportunity for women to build and expand their network by connecting with other like-minded women in the community. With the addition of our two clubs, Lake County Women Connect and Orange County Women Connect, we are confident that the growth potential for CFLWC is strong and limitless.

We look forward to building a supportive, vibrant and inclusive community of women who can connect and find friendship, support and positive motivation within CFLWC. Your journey starts today; we would love for you to join us on this exciting adventure. Together, let us create meaningful connections that benefit us all! So come and take part in our amazing community; join us today and become part of the CFLWC family.

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