In the world of children’s literature and digital publishing, there’s a rising star whose passion for storytelling is making waves. Meet Dena Scroggins, a multi-talented entrepreneur, children’s book author, and founder of Sunny Daze Publishing. Dena’s journey is nothing short of inspiring, and today, we’re diving into her world to learn about her motivations, challenges, and aspirations.

What Inspired Dena to Start Her Business?

With a background in blogging and digital marketing, Dena Scroggins has always been familiar with the art of writing. However, it was her role as a foster/adoptive mom that truly ignited her creative spark. Bedtime became an opportunity to spin imaginative tales, seamlessly intertwining the fabric of daily lives into these narratives. Encouraged by her boyfriend, she took the plunge to immortalize these stories in print, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Overcoming Challenges as a Female Entrepreneur

Beginning this journey has proven challenging as Dena navigates the process of building from the ground up. Given her predominantly stay-at-home mom role, opportunities to socialize and connect with others are infrequent, presenting an additional hurdle. Engaging in conversations with fellow women who share similar experiences holds the potential to be transformative and life-changing for her.

Positive Impact on the Community and Women

Sunny Daze Publishing empowers women and independent authors, providing a platform for them to share their chosen stories. Whether it’s a children’s book, a piece of fiction, or a non-fiction narrative aimed at helping others, Dena and her team offer comprehensive support. From ghostwriting and editing to illustrations and marketing, they are here to assist you in bringing your story to life.

Showcase Your Business

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Advice for Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs

Dena’s advice is simple yet powerful: “Take the leap! Start today and start working toward your goals.”

Involvement with The BOND Community

As a resident of Lake County, Dena aims to engage with like-minded women who share a passion for creativity and business. The BOND Community serves as a platform for her to connect with this community, share her experiences, and inspire others to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

Balancing Business and Personal Life

Balancing the responsibilities of being a mother of three with the demands of everyday life often feels like navigating a perpetual rollercoaster for Dena. Despite the constant challenges, these experiences have not only honed her problem-solving skills but also fortified her ability to handle difficulties effectively, striking a balance between her personal and business life.

Future Goals for the Business and Supporting Women Entrepreneurs

Dena’s vision for 2024 is to assist a minimum of five new indie authors in getting their books published through Sunny Daze Publishing. Additionally, she strives to aid businesses of all types in establishing an affordable digital presence. Starting with website design packages priced at $99, Dena is here to assist fellow business owners in realizing their online potential.

Dena Scroggins is a shining example of a woman who has turned her passion for storytelling into a thriving business and a platform for others to share their own stories. Her dedication to supporting women entrepreneurs and independent authors is commendable, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Sunny Daze Publishing and her role in the community. To learn more about Dena and her work, visit her websites at and

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