In a groundbreaking move, the Women’s National Pickleball Players Association (WNPPA) is set to revolutionize the sports landscape by launching its new Pickleball leagues, designed exclusively for women of all ages. Spearheaded by The Bond Maker, this initiative marks a significant step towards fostering community, competition, and connection on the courts. The 2024 WNPPA season is poised to kick off in Central Florida, spanning 12 counties and 48 cities, with an anticipated 480 teams vying for victory. The WNPPA, with its inclusive approach and commitment to women’s sports, is not only a first in Central Florida but is gearing up for a nationwide expansion.


  • 2024 WNPPA Season: 12 counties, 48 cities, 480 teams
  • Leagues: Golden (50 and up), Victory (30 – 49), Diamond (20 – 29)
  • Registration Opens: December 19, 2023
  • Season Duration: January 15, 2024 to May 20, 2024
  • National Tournament Goal: May 2025

The WNPPA’s launch of Pickleball leagues is a testament to our commitment to helping women make meaningful connections through sports. The Bond Maker envisions a future where women of all ages come together, form connections, and compete at the highest levels. This initiative is just the beginning of a transformative journey in women’s Pickleball, and we’re proud to be at the forefront.

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Embracing Inclusivity – WNPPA Leagues for Every Woman

As the WNPPA introduces its groundbreaking Pickleball leagues, it champions inclusivity by providing a space for women of all ages to engage in the sport they love. Each league caters to specific age groups, ensuring that every woman, regardless of her stage in life, can join the excitement on the courts. The Golden, Victory, and Diamond Leagues offer dynamic opportunities for players to showcase their skills, fostering a sense of community and competition that transcends generational boundaries.

Golden League (Ages 50 and up)

Victory League (Ages 30 – 49)

Diamond League (Ages 20 – 29)

BOND Match – Elevating the WNPPA Experience

In its commitment to enhancing the WNPPA experience, The Bond Maker introduces the innovative BOND Match feature. This unique offering allows women to compete in their respective leagues and pairs them with teammates of similar skill sets. As the Playoffs and Finals unfold, this teammate pairing creates a level playing field, adding an exciting layer of competition and teamwork to the WNPPA leagues.

Teammate Pairing with BOND Match:

  • A unique feature allowing women to team up with players of similar skill sets for the Playoffs and Finals.
  • Facilitates a level playing field, enhancing the competitive spirit of the WNPPA leagues.

Benefits of Women Playing Pickleball:

  • Ease of Play with Old Injuries:
    • Pickleball’s low-impact nature makes it accessible for women with old injuries, promoting fitness without strain.
  • Great Exercise:
    • A fantastic cardiovascular workout that combines agility, strength, and endurance.
  • Meet New People:
    • WNPPA leagues provide a social platform for women to forge new friendships and networks through shared passion.
  • Have Fun Along the Way:
    • Pickleball’s fun and fast-paced nature make it an enjoyable experience for players of all skill levels.

As WNPPA prepares to launch its Pickleball leagues in Central Florida, the world of women’s sports is about to witness a transformative era. The Bond Maker, through its BOND Community, is laying the foundation for a future where women of all ages can come together, compete, and form lasting connections on the Pickleball courts. The journey has just begun, with plans to expand across the nation and culminate in a national tournament in May 2025. Join WNPPA in shaping the future of women’s sports—one game, one connection, and one victory at a time.

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