Welcome to HomeHarmony, where our mission is to make virtual meetups accessible to women across the United States, fostering meaningful connections.


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Join us for an inspiring and interactive virtual event that will kick off your year on the right foot. - VARIES

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2024 Elite Summer Getaway

Elevate your summer to new heights with the Elite Summer Getaway. - JUN 7

valentines day event


Join us with your favorite drink for a special chance to connect with other members.TBD


We invite you to join our club of amazing women to bond and make meaningful connections.


Are you ready to make new connections? Becoming a member is easy – all you have to do is complete registration and pick your local club. So don’t miss out on this opportunity for fantastic fun. Sign up now!

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About Us

Welcome to HomeHarmony, where inclusivity takes center stage. Our mission is to ensure that meetups are within reach for every woman. We unite women from all corners of the United States through engaging virtual sessions designed to foster authentic connections.

If the challenges of in-person meetups have been a hurdle for you, look no further – this group is tailored just for you. As a member, you’ll partake in a variety of virtual events, allowing you to participate from the cozy confines of your home while cultivating meaningful relationships with like-minded women. Join us in creating a harmonious space where distance is no obstacle to building meaningful connections.

Membership Options

The BOND community provides three membership options:

  1. Basic is a free membership that provides access to quarterly events.
  2. Elite is a $19 monthly membership that provides access to bimonthly events, travel opportunities, and outdoor adventures. 
  3. Business is a $29 monthly membership, that provides access to all Elite benefits, plus exclusive business networking events, sponsorship opportunities and more.
    BOND Ally

    We’re seeking a dedicated BOND Ally’s to join The Bond Maker. If you have a heart for empowering women and building meaningful connections, this is the perfect opportunity for you. Be a part of our journey to make a positive impact and change lives. Click here for more details and become a BOND Ally today. Let’s create something extraordinary together.


    Does your business or venue have a passion for helping women succeed? The Bond Maker is always looking for sponsoring partners and would love to host an exciting event at your venue or business. Send us an email today at support@thebondmaker.com