Hello! I’m Sabrina Lambert, but most people know me as The Bond Maker.

Today, I want to share my incredible journey with you, a journey from welfare to a six-figure income. My passion for helping others succeed has driven me to create “The 4 Week Life Breakthrough Plan for Success.” This course contains the exercises and formulas that enabled me to break free from welfare programs and secure a six-figure income, allowing me to purchase a home worth over half a million dollars and live the life I’ve always dreamed of.

In this blog, I’ll not only share my story but also provide insights into the transformative power of planning and goal setting.

I came into this world in the heart of the Michigan Projects in Fort Myers, Florida. My father was a drug dealer, and my mother was a drug user. Despite the challenging circumstances, they did their utmost to provide for us.

Michigan Projects, Fort Myers, FL

During my childhood years, I grappled with the harsh realities of poverty and the challenges it brought. Due to my parents’ struggles, I eventually entered the Foster Care system, where I was lovingly nurtured by wise parents I affectionately called ‘Mudear’ and ‘Papa.’ These remarkable individuals dedicated 12 years to raising me instilling the invaluable virtues of hard work, dedication, and commitment. Their teachings and life lessons have left an everlasting mark on my journey and played a pivotal role in shaping ‘The 4 Week Life Breakthrough Plan for Success,’ for which I am eternally grateful.


At the age of 19, I became a single mother, facing the daunting task of raising my son in the same projects where I grew up. Determined to avoid him facing the same fate as me, I applied for every available welfare program, from WIC to Section 8, LIHEAP, Food Stamps, Medicaid, and more. I relentlessly pursued these government programs, no matter how many documents I had to provide or how many obstacles I had to overcome.

Shawn – My Son

Then, on a sad New Year’s Eve, while sitting alone in my small, low-income apartment, watching the beautiful fireworks at Disney World in Orlando, I decided that to have a better life, I needed to move to Orlando. There, I could find better job opportunities to transform my life and realize my dreams.

So, I crafted a six-month life-changing plan over the next four weeks. I began by setting clear goals and then divided those goals into smaller, manageable milestones and actionable steps. For instance, during the first month, I faced the daunting task of finding an apartment with only a few dollars in my bank account and no idea how to afford gas money for work.


I had to plan and strategize on securing the funds needed for the move and rent. It dawned on me that the next month, I would receive my W2 and be eligible for an income tax refund. So, I planned how to spend that money to make my dream of moving to Orlando a reality. My primary goal was to relocate to Orlando within two months of my six-month plan. So, I devised actionable steps such as securing a refund check and only spending it on moving expenses, removing unnecessary possessions, and scouting for a suitable low-income apartment.

Recognizing the necessity of rental assistance without a job, I contacted my Section 8 case manager to explore transferring my voucher to Orange County, Florida. This program also offered help with utilities. I continued to set monthly objectives and broke them into actionable steps, following the same planning process detailed in “The 4 Week Life Breakthrough Plan for Success” course and workbook.

With my plan in place, I sold what I could, gave away the rest, and moved to Orlando with just a few bags of clothing and a beat-up car, all supported by Section 8 and the remnants of my tax refund money. It was a fresh start, and I was determined to make the most of it.

Once settled in my new apartment, I diligently followed my plan. I applied for six jobs daily, leading to five interviews and two job offers. I accepted a low-paying job at $8.50 an hour, determined to climb the ladder within the organization. Over the years, I continued to revisit and update my plan, pursuing higher education and certifications to enhance my skills and career prospects.

Every significant achievement in my career and personal life was planned and executed. I maintained an unwavering commitment to my goals, even in the face of unforeseen challenges. When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, I revisited my plan to make the necessary adjustments. For example, I knew I didn’t want to continue working in the demanding call center environment after returning from maternity leave, where the constant barrage of phone calls was mentally exhausting.

Working in the Call Center

So, I took deliberate steps to plan and secure another position within the company. For instance, I identified a department within the company that I aspired to join. I took the initiative to learn who the hiring manager was and strategically cultivated a relationship with her to enhance my competitiveness among my peers.

When I learned that the team was planning an outing to Universal Studios, I accompanied her throughout the night, riding every roller coaster and enjoying the theme park together. We created lasting memories, and when a position became available on her team after my return from maternity leave, I applied. She remembered our wonderful time together, and I secured the job, to my delight.

As the time came to explore leaving the company to pursue a higher-paying job, I researched my dream jobs thoroughly through platforms like Indeed. I identified the necessary experience, skills, and certifications for these positions and planned my path to success. My six-month plan was continuously revised, and I monitored my progress weekly, adhering to the same approach detailed in “The 4 Week Life Breakthrough Plan for Success.”

As I successfully reached my goals, my growing income gradually rendered me ineligible for welfare programs. With each achievement, I found it essential to revisit and adjust my plan to accommodate new aspirations, such as earning my college degree and realizing the dream of homeownership.


Within the framework of my six-month plan, I devised specific financial goals that enabled me to make significant progress. I diligently worked on improving my credit score, a crucial step towards financial stability. This prudent financial planning culminated in the momentous achievement of purchasing my first home in 2015.

Since that milestone, I’ve acquired a second home, and today, I’m living the life I once could only imagine.

Graduation Day at the University of Central Florida with My Sister Mahogany

My journey from welfare to a six-figure income began with four weeks of planning and continued dedication. The same principles are now available in “The 4 Week Life Breakthrough Plan for Success.” This course will empower you to create your plan, whether achieving homeownership, securing a higher-paying job, or starting a business.

I offer this course at just $115 because everyone deserves a chance to achieve their dreams. Your aspirations, not limitations, should define your life. Show yourself some self-love, invest in your future, and take “The 4 Week Life Breakthrough Plan for Success.” Remember, you deserve the life you desire. Best of luck to you on your journey!

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