How WNPPA Works

Discover how WNPPA works, from league structures and player rankings to exhilarating tournament formats and prize distributions.

How many games are there, and who can register to play with WNPPA?

WNPAA offers two seasons: Playoffs and Finals. In the 2024 WNPPA Playoffs season, enjoy 3 weeks of practice sessions and 5 weeks of games, open to players of all skill levels. No need to be a professional to participate. During the Playoffs season, players compete with others of similar skill levels. As the season concludes, the top-scoring Beginner and Intermediate teams in the Golden, Victory, and Diamond leagues will earn rising stars trophies.

The Finals feature 5 weeks of tournament games, held in Eustis, Florida. The 2024 WNPAA Tournaments include the Golden Tournament (ages 50+), Victory Tournament (ages 30-49), and Diamond Tournament (ages 20-29). The top 10 highest-scoring advanced teams from each league during the Playoffs season (Golden, Victory, and Diamond) will qualify for the Finals, and play during the 2024 WNPPA tournament. The team with the highest score in each tournament will claim 1st place, receiving a trophy and a cash prize.

How do WNPPA rankings work?

Player rankings within WNPPA are determined by points earned during the Playoffs and Finals. Teams accrue points based on the combined scores of both players. The highest-scoring teams secure Rising Star Trophies or progress to the WNPPA Finals for tournament participation.

These rankings, curated by The Bond Maker, update after every game and tournament, showcasing points accumulated during the Playoffs and Finals within the calendar year.

As the Playoffs conclude, the top 10 advanced teams from each league (Golden, Victory, and Diamond) with the highest points over the previous 5 weeks qualify for The Finals. There, they vie for the ultimate prize in pickleball: the esteemed title of WNPPA Champions

Do players receive payment for wins in WNPPA?

Currently, as a new and rapidly expanding league in the world of pickleball, we’re excited to share that Advanced players participating in the Finals are eligible for compensation. However, at this initial stage, all other players won’t receive compensation for wins.

Our commitment is to enhance payouts as we grow, and future compensations will increase annually, driven by sponsorship, fan engagement, and overall sport development.

To ensure timely payments, Advanced Players must register for payment by completing the form below. Upon successful registration, an invitation from Quickbooks will be sent to set up direct deposit. Please note that no checks will be mailed out for prize money.

Payments are processed within 2 weeks following the conclusion of each tournament, solidifying our dedication to supporting and rewarding our players.

Complete the form below to request payouts from WNPPA

Please note, you must be a registered player with WNPPA to request to get paid.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Registration and Fees

 Q: What are the two registration options for WNPPA participation?

  • A: WNPPA offers Individual Registration for group practice sessions and Team Registration for Playoffs and Finals.

Q: What is the purpose of the Individual Registration window?

  • A: During the Individual Registration window, players can pay a fee to participate in 3 weeks of group practice sessions, twice a week with a coach.

Q: What does the Individual Registration fee cover?

  • A: The fee covers participation in group practice sessions, ideal for beginner and intermediate players. Practice sessions last for 3 weeks.

Q: Is Individual Registration mandatory?

  • A: No, Individual Registration is optional. If you only want to participate in Playoffs and Finals, you can skip individual registration.

Q: Can players register for group practice sessions without participating in Playoffs and Finals?

  • A: Yes, players can register for group practice sessions without joining Playoffs and Finals.

Q: What is the purpose of Team Registration?

  • A: Team Registration is for teams interested in participating in Playoffs and Finals. Teams must consist of two players.

Q: Is there a fee for Team Registration?

  • A: Yes, there is a registration fee per team.

Q: Are the individual and team registration fees separate?

  • A: Yes, individual and team registration fees are separate and must be paid during their respective registration windows.

Q: Can the registration fee be refunded?

  • A: We will provide a full refund if you contact us at least 5 days before practice sessions to request a full refund.

Q: How and where can registration fees be paid?

  • A: Registration fees must be paid online via the registration form at Ensure fees are paid within the specified registration window.
Pickleball Court Locations

Q: How are Pickleball court locations determined?

  • A: Court locations are strategically chosen and we aim to keep them within a 30 – 45 minute driving distance for convenience. Up to four courts per county may be listed.

Q: When will the specific court locations be announced?

  • A: Court details, including the number and actual locations, will be disclosed after the Individual Registration period closes.

Q: What if I want to confirm the proximity of the courts to my location?

  • A: Once court locations are announced, you can check the proximity to your location. We aim to keep them within a 30 – 45 minute driving distance.

Q: Can I request a refund if courts are too far from my location?

  • A: If you decide not to participate in practice sessions, contact us at least 5 days before the first practice session for a full refund.

Q: How many courts can we expect per county?

  • A: We plan to list up to four courts per county, providing ample opportunities for Pickleball games and practices.

Q: What factors determine the number of courts available?

  • A: The number of courts is contingent on the total number of registered players. We aim to ensure an optimal player-to-court ratio for an enjoyable experience.

Q: Can I suggest a Pickleball court location?

  • A: While we appreciate your input, court locations are determined based on various factors. We encourage you to enjoy the designated courts for the best WNPPA experience.

Q: Are the court locations subject to change?

  • A: While efforts are made to maintain consistency, unforeseen circumstances may lead to changes. Any alterations will be communicated promptly to registered participants.
Pickleball Practice and Times

Q: How frequently are Pickleball practice sessions conducted?

  • A: Practice sessions are held twice a week for a duration of 3 weeks, ensuring comprehensive and consistent training for all participants.

Q: During what hours are weekday practice sessions conducted?

  • A: Weekday practice sessions are scheduled in the evening between 6 p.m. – 8 p.m., accommodating participants’ schedules.

Q: What about practice times on weekends?

  • A: Weekend practice sessions are scheduled during morning hours on Saturdays and afternoon hours on Sundays for optimal flexibility.

Q: What if the Pickleball courts do not have lights?

  • A: If courts in proximity lack lights or are not lighted courts, practice sessions will be consolidated on weekends, specifically Saturdays mornings and Sunday afternoons.

Q: When will practice days and times be announced?

  • A: Practice days and times will be disclosed within 2 weeks after the closure of Individual Registration.

Q: Can participants access more practice time if needed?

  • A: Absolutely! Players desiring additional practice time can opt for private lessons with their assigned coach, offered at their own expense.

Q: Where can I find information about practice days and times?

  • A: Practice days and times will be listed on each BOND Club page, ensuring easy access to this valuable information.

Q: How can I stay informed about practice updates?

  • A: Join our mailing list to receive timely notifications about practice days and times, and stay connected with the latest updates and postings.
Coaches and Staff

Q: How are coaches hired for WNPPA practice sessions?

  • A: WNPPA hires coaches to conduct 3 weeks of group practice sessions, twice a week, covered by registration fees.

Q: Are players required to pay for group practice sessions?

  • A: No, expenses for group practice sessions are covered by registration fees; players do not need to pay separately.

Q: What services do coaches provide during practice sessions?

  • A: Coaches during practice sessions train players on game rules, strategies, serving, scorekeeping, and more to enhance their Pickleball skills.

Q: Are coaches available during playoffs?

  • A: No, coaching or practice sessions are not provided during playoffs. Players can opt for private coaching at their own expense.

Q: Can WNPPA refer coaches to players upon request?

  • A: Yes, WNPPA can refer coaches to players upon request for additional coaching needs outside of group practice sessions.

Q: How are coaches assigned for BOND Match participants?

  • A: If you elected BOND Match, coaches will pair you up with your pre-selected teammate during practice sessions, and you’ll be notified when matched.

Q: Are coaches employees of WNPPA?

  • A: No, coaches are not employees of WNPPA; they are independently paid. They are hired via to coach and train WNPPA players.

Q: Who referees and monitors games during Playoffs and Finals?

  • A: WNPPA hires independent referees to referee and monitor games during Playoffs and Finals for a fair and competitive environment.
Equipment and Items Needed

Q: What equipment do I need to bring for WNPPA play and practice?

  • A: Players are responsible for bringing their own Pickleball paddles and balls.

Q: Where can I find Pickleball paddle sets?

  • A: Pickleball paddle sets with balls can be found on Amazon.

Q: What equipment standards should I be aware of for practice and games?

  • A: Equipment must pass USAPA testing and be approved for sanctioned tournament play. Look for the language in the product description on Amazon.

Q: Where can I find more details on approved equipment?

Q: What equipment is recommended for practice, playoffs, and finals?

  • A: We recommend purchasing a Paddleboard set with 2 paddles, balls, and a case for practice, playoffs, and finals.

Q: Can I bring water bottles to play and practice sessions?

  • A: Yes, players can bring water bottles to stay hydrated during play and practice.

Q: What clothing is recommended for Pickleball?

  • A: Wear moisture-wicking shorts or skorts with a comfortable, breathable top for easy movement. Lightweight and breathable fabrics are ideal.

Q: Does WNPPA provide paddles and balls for practice?

  • A: No, WNPPA does not provide paddles or balls for practice sessions or playoffs. Players are responsible for purchasing their own equipment.

Q: Will balls be provided during tournament games?

  • A: Yes, balls will be provided during tournament games.

Q: What is the player’s responsibility regarding equipment?

  • A: It is the responsibility of each player to purchase paddleboard sets and balls for practice and play. WNPPA does not provide paddles or balls.