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Between the media, advertising and social pressure being single on Valentine’s Day can feel like a death sentence. Every corner you turn there are signs of gushing love, excessively oversized teddy bears, mouthwatering chocolate bars and fancy dinner specials. The colors red and pink put a knot in your stomach and you contemplate becoming a recluse until the morning of the 15th. You wish this “holiday” would vanish into thin air and didn’t make you think of him who shall not be named.

It may be easier said than done but don’t let love get you down. It is ONE day out of 365 and you shouldn’t let Hallmark win this battle, ok? Instead of turning into a bad mood monster on the day of heart shaped eyes, here are 8 ways to make the best of valentines when you’re single.

change the channel

So, there you are. Curled up on the couch shamelessly eating out of the Ben and Jerrys carton flipping through channels. With each click of the remote you quickly begin to notice an, appropriate, theme. Love movie after love movie after love movie. Here’s the deal, unless you want a way one ticket to a straight jacket – DO NOT STOP TO WATCH A ROMANCE MOVIE. Yup, you bet your ass that means skipping right through The Notebook. Today is not the day to be invested in Noah and Allie’s love, you know? Throw on a comedy or hell even an action movie to pass the time. Better yet, watching re-runs of The Kardashians is always a sure way to mindlessly pass time.

make other plans

Last time I checked, there was no rule that banned singles from making plans on Valentine’s day. Whatever you want to do – you do. Why? Because this is a day that you can celebrate YOU. Whether you indulge in a spa appointment, start a new book or post up at a bar, the decision is yours. Point being – make a plan and stick to it so that way you will be too busy to worry about what everyone else is doing because you have plans of your own.

all the single ladies

Not the only single one in your friend group? PERFECT. Joining forces never hurt no body! Throw a singles party, a Galentines party – or whatever you want to call it, just do it! Remember that Valentine’s Day is about celebrating LOVE in generally and It isn’t necessarily about celebrating romance with a spouse. Enjoy a night out with your best friends or have dinner with your parents. Celebrate those amazing people in your life that you love and create memories doing so.

treat yourself

If you’d rather solely focus on yourself for a day – all the more power to ya! Take the day to spoil yourself, celebrate yourself and love yourself. Want to buy yourself flowers? Do it. Want to crush a box of chocolates? Do it. Want to pull the trigger on the purse you’ve had your eye on? Do it. I’m not suggesting that you go run up your CC bill or eat so much that your stomach hurts however I am saying that self-love is incredibly powerful and tends to fall on the back burner. So, light a candle, lather on a face mask and spend the night online shopping. If you ask me, that sounds like a better time than sitting in a packed restaurant you know?

play cupid

So, cupid’s arrow may have missed you this year but that doesn’t mean that you can’t brighten someone else’s day. Whether it be someone you know and or a stranger the smallest gesture on Valentine’s Day could end up meaning the world to someone. Buy the person’s coffee that’s behind you in line, send flowers to your best friend or bring a treat to your neighbor. Whatever it may be, making someone else’s day can ultimately lead to adding happiness to your day.

get out of bed

The whole being single on Valentine’s Day totally messing with your head and all you want to do is stay in bed and throw yourself a pity party. At the time that may seem like the best move to make but I’m here to snap you out of that awful decision. Get up and get out. SERIOUSLY. Fresh air is the cheapest and best therapy that any of us could ask for. Go sit on the porch or go for a walk about the block. I pinky promise that you will feel better after breathing in that fresh air.

money honey

If you’re more of logistical and financial person then this point should have you exhaling relief. The average person spends $1 (ok, on the real I made that up but it seems to be a completely accurate and fair estimate) on Valentine’s Day. Since you’re only responsible for you, you’re not only saving money but also saving yourself the headache of running around buying gifts and making reservations. So basically, you’re the real winner here.

stay off social media

For the sake of your mental state, stay off social media. There is absolutely no reason you need to scroll through post after posts of red roses and lovey-dovey captions. If you need to take extreme measures because you have zero self-control, delete the apps from your phone. Whatever it takes, stay away!


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