I am a member of Generation Z. The generation that is rapidly transforming the economic landscape and what Gen-Z marketing strategies entails for business owners. Gen-Z is a cohort of teenagers and young adults born between the late 90s and 2010.

Generation Z represents over 25% of the U.S. population and is:

  • Often cited as the first generation to have grown up in a digital era
  • Defined by technology in every aspect of their life
  • Expected to overtake millennials as the largest consumer population in the next 6 years according to Business Insider
  • Essential for business survival so implementing Gen-Z marketing strategies is crucial

With this in mind, I have compiled four different Gen-Z marketing strategies that businesses and business owners should practice. These strategies are crucial as we enter a post-COVID-19 economy. These strategies are also reflective of my own experiences with various brands and businesses. Who better to speak on how to best engage Gen-Z than a member of Gen-Z herself?

Talk to us in the way we talk to each other

The first tip that I have to offer is perhaps the most important. In a society where intellectualism, or “sounding smart,” is highly valued as a skill to carry with you outside the classroom, Gen-Z would prefer if you kept your language simple. Abandon the four-syllable words and formal tones of your messaging because it honestly doesn’t impress us. Making your language more accessible by embracing colloquialisms and popularly used wording is shows you understand us.

Don’t just use social media, engage with us through social media.

You’ve probably already heard the whole spiel on the importance of using social media to connect with younger generations. Keyword: connect. Limiting your social media presence to just creating an Instagram or Twitter account is not enough. You need to actively engage us. Is your business active in responding to comments made by customers? Do you reply to comments in the review sections of your social media accounts? Prioritizing customer satisfaction looks much different than what it once did. Responding to feedback in a transparent manner is one of the most effective ways to demonstrate this. I’m not saying that you should entertain every single comment or review made about your business, but you should definitely show that you care about our feedback.

Promote your brand and its values

Take full advantage of social media to truly establish a social media presence. You should regularly post stories (available on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat), videos, and incorporate hashtags within your Gen-Z marketing campaigns. Partner with individuals and institutions to build your reach and maximize your

Gen-Z visibility. Images alone cannot capture the essence of your business. Especially given the implicit biases that impact customers’ perceptions of what your product or service may offer.

Harnessing the powers of storytelling through different mediums is much more important for businesses run by women and for women.

Maximizing visibility should not stop at the product or service you’re offering. You should include the causes that your business supports. What does your business value? Is it sustainability? Food security? Racial equality? Global citizenship and activism is a cornerstone of Gen-Z’s identity. Which means that we support businesses that are cognizant of global inequities and seek to do good in the world. Use social media to post or re-tweet about certain issues within your community. Sharing what your business is doing to counteract these issues is a surefire way to gain our respect and dollars.

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Diversity matters

In the videos and photos that you incorporate within your Gen-Z marketing campaigns make sure to be inclusive. This includes representing people of a variety of backgrounds, ethnicities, shades and complexions, genders, and sexual orientations. As Gen-Zers we already know how it feels to be underrepresented and marginalized. Therefore, it is important to ensure that we aren’t replicating the same exclusivity among ourselves. But instead, celebrating our differences. Authentic media representation has emerged as a core value of Gen-Z in recent years. Diverse representation in your website, social media pages, and staff can truly make the difference. It can be the decision between gaining a customer and losing one.

The strategies listed are by no means all-encompassing, but incorporating any combination of these in your marketing efforts will yield powerful results. For additional tips on how to market, brand, and promote your business on Avondy, visit the Seller Central at https://avondy.com/seller-central/. It’s time that we start paying attention to Gen-Z because they comprise a tremendous, growing portion of the economy’s consumer base and are certainly here to stay.

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