We all know how debilitating a stressful day can be. During days like that, these tips might come in handy. Cater these tips whichever way you need to help you relax and unwind after a stressful day! Read on for some useful advice.

Relax and unwind with an outlet through which to express your feelings 

Whether it is a person or journal, simply getting your stress out into the open can be the starting point to relax and unwind after a stressful day. Sometimes, it can even be the one thing you need to get the stress off your mind. Writing down your thoughts or having someone to share your stress with can be freeing and can feel like someone or something is in it with you and sharing your loaded day.

Detox from whatever made you stressed

Often times after a stressful day, the biggest thing we need is distance from whatever made us stressed. Work, school responsibilities, financial issues, you name it. Some distance can offer a different perspective and will allow your mind to clear. Especially if your stress follows you home, this is a good tip to use. Use your home as a safe space. Ways to detox from a stressful day at work, for example, is to disconnect from it by silencing your work emails or getting out of your workspace at home.

After a stressful day, try yoga to relax the body and mind

Yoga is a key way to bust out stress and exercise parts of the body you didn’t even know could be worked out. Yoga also practices controlled breathing which can help you level yourself to be able to deal with your stressful day in the best way. Even just staying in the downward dog pose for a few minutes can be beneficial. Helping the body deal with stressful days is just as important as helping the mind.

Prioritize sleep

Sleep is when the mind replenishes itself and recovers from the stressful day. Without sleep, you are more likely to overreact in stressful situations and be less patient and focused. It is important to maintain healthy sleeping habits and to sleep enough. Irritability can totally lead to mishandling your stressful day and just multiply the stress instead of diminishing it.

Avoid non-stop news consumption after stressful days

In a time where coronavirus seems to be dominating the news, it can be a good idea to steer clear of the news in times of stress. Seeing the news can make your stressful day more intense and even add on extra things to worry about. Instead, focus on things you like to do, like watching movies or listening to music!

Declutter a part of your home to unwind from a stressful day

Sometimes when the mind is so preoccupied with something that was so stressful, it can be nice to do some mindless work that can preoccupy you physically and not take up too much room in your mind. Decluttering some parts of your home can not only act as a distraction from a stressful day but also bring clarity to your home and make it a better place to deal with your stress.

Treat yourself to a replenishing bath

Soaking your body in warm water can soothe your mind, especially if you add a scent to your experience with body wash, a bath bomb, or even a candle. Try to go for energizing or relaxing scents like eucalyptus and lavender. Relax and unwind from a stressful day by creating a relaxing environment in your bathroom, maybe consider reading while you soak or just lean back and close your eyes.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable

Honestly, after a long stressful day, it can be therapeutic to allow yourself to feel your feelings completely. This means to not put on a strong front or an unbothered demeanor. If you are someone who usually puts on a strong front, this may be difficult but will help quite a bit. Feeling your feelings deeply may cause you to cry or to just sit there, and that is okay. Allow yourself to be vulnerable and feel any emotion that you could not feel throughout the day.

Practice positive affirmations on a stressful day

It may seem silly, but having mantras that you repeat to yourself can remind you to be positive during a stressful day and to hang in there. Saying phrases like “These feelings are only temporary,” “I am strong,” and “I am more than good enough” can have a positive effect on your day to day life.

Ask yourself what you need to get through this

No one knows you better than yourself. Sometimes what is best is to check in with yourself and see if there is something specific you need to deal with your stressful day. Maybe there are activities that you know help you deal with it. Or maybe you don’t want to deal with it yet, and instead want to be distracted; that is okay too! Check in with yourself and pay attention to what you need!

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