If you’re having trouble being productive throughout the day, you may want to change how your mornings start! Use these simple tips to start your day the right way for maximum productivity!

Set an alarm for early in the morning…and don’t click snooze

Start your day the right way by setting a sleep schedule for yourself and be true to it! When your alarm goes off in the morning, don’t be tempted to click snooze! You can even try to move your alarm clock or phone out of reach from you to lower the temptation to snooze and keep snoring. If you usually wake up a little later in the day, try to set your alarm one hour earlier than usual for the first week. Then the next week, put your alarm for one hour earlier than that until you’re waking up at a time that you feel makes you the most productive throughout the day. 

Start your day off right by getting dressed as soon as you get up

Even if you’re working from home, don’t just stay in your pajamas all day! Getting dressed as soon as you wake up will prepare you for the day and give you plenty of time to achieve your goals! It will also motivate you to start your workday bright and early instead of spending some time on your phone in bed. 

Start your day the right way by making your bed

Every morning after you get out of bed, make it a tradition to make your bed. This will help if you usually get the temptation to get back in bed before it’s bedtime. It also helps keep your room tidy so you aren’t looking at an untidy bed all day. 

Schedule some exercise or yoga before you start working

Start your day off right by making time to exercise or practice yoga in the morning will help clear your mind and start your day off right. This also gives you an opportunity to improve your mood and be more present with your physical self. Yoga can sharpen your focus and make your patience more abundant so if you try anything on this list, try this!

Eat a well-balanced breakfast to start your day

Whatever you do, do not skip breakfast! It really is the most important meal of the day. Skipping breakfast will lower your energy levels drastically the rest of your day and you will find it difficult to focus. Fuel your body with some protein and healthy fats! You can always opt for the easy-to-make fruit smoothie! If you’re not used to eating breakfast and feel better without it, start out small! Maybe a banana or a smoothie and work yourself up to a nice and filling breakfast to start your day off right.

Plan the rest of your day and stick to it

Create a to-do list of the main things you want to accomplish. If it is easier, you may even want to create this list the night before to get started earlier the next day! Planning your day will make it easier to focus too and you won’t have to think about what to do next or drift away from your tasks!

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