Say hello to BOND Points – our exclusive loyalty program designed to reward you for your engagement, purchases, and referrals within our growing community. Buckle up as we explore the world of BOND Points and discover how they can amplify your connection with us.

1. Earning BOND Points: Fueling Your Journey

Unlocking the potential of BOND Points is as simple as engaging with the community. Here’s how you can earn your way to rewards:

  • Sign up for an Elite or Business Membership to instantly earn 100 BOND Points.
  • Shop at the BOND Boutique and earn 3% cash back in BOND Points for every dollar spent.
  • Spread the love by referring eligible members and receive $20 in BOND Points.

2. Engage to Amplify: Accelerating Your Rewards

Engagement is the key to supercharging your BOND Points balance. Here’s how you can accelerate your journey:

  • Review products from the BOND Boutique and earn 1 BOND Point for each review.
  • Participate in community activities such as uploading a profile image or joining BOND Clubs to earn extra points.
  • Keep your points thriving as they never expire, ensuring your efforts are always rewarded.

3. Redeeming BOND Points: Your Ticket to Rewards

The thrill of earning BOND Points culminates in the joy of redeeming them for exciting rewards. Here’s how you can cash in your points:

  • At checkout, opt for partial payment and enter the desired number of BOND Points you wish to redeem.
  • Each BOND Point is valued at 5 cents, with a minimum redemption of 20 points per transaction.
  • Monitor your available balance conveniently on the checkout page under “Available Points Balance.”

4. Elevate Your BOND Experience: Unleash the Power of Points

BOND Points aren’t just a currency; they’re a gateway to an elevated BOND experience. Here’s how you can maximize their potential:

  • Access exclusive perks and benefits reserved for loyal BOND members.
  • Enhance your shopping experience at the BOND Boutique by offsetting your purchases with BOND Points.
  • Make deeper connections within the community as you embark on your journey fueled by rewards.

5. Join the Movement: Experience BOND Like Never Before

As we embark on this exhilarating journey together, we invite you to join the BOND Community and unlock a world of possibilities with BOND Points. Sign up for an Elite or Business Membership today and immerse yourself in a community dedicated to meaningful relationships, new experiences, and endless adventures. Your journey starts here.

With BOND Points, the power to enrich your BOND Community experience lies in your hands. Seize the opportunity to earn, engage, and redeem as you embark on a journey filled with rewards and connections. Join us today and let’s redefine the way we experience community together.

Ready to elevate your BOND experience? Join the BOND Community today and sign up for an Elite or Business Membership to start earning BOND Points!

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