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What is the cost to list my business in the directory?

At The Bond Maker, we’re committed to providing opportunities for our BOND members to showcase their businesses at no cost. Every BOND member receives a complimentary business listing, making it simple and affordable to get started. Follow these steps to add your business listing:

  1. Click “Add Listing”: Begin by clicking the “Add Listing” button.
  2. Choose Your Plan: You’ll be prompted to select a plan, which includes “Free” and “Premium.”
  3. Select Your Plan: Choose your preferred plan and click “Continue” (Free or Premium).
  4. Enter Your Email: Enter your email address when prompted.
  5. Checkout: You’ll be redirected to the checkout page. Fill in the required details and complete the checkout process.
  6. Add the Listing Again: After checkout, click “Add Listing” once more. You’ll see a green “active” tag at the top of your chosen plan.
  7. Continue to Listing Form: Click “Continue” to access the listing form, where you can enter your business details.

For those seeking enhanced visibility and additional listings, consider upgrading to a Business Member account. This provides the flexibility to add multiple listings and access featured listings for increased visibility. As a bonus, a free Premium subscription for the online directory is included with your Business Member account.

Ready to get started? Sign up today and let The Bond Maker help your business shine in our community.