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What is the difference between Free and Business Members on BOND for Business?

  1. Free Membership: With the free subscription, you can post one listing to the BOND for Business online directory. This listing can include up to 3 images and various details to help promote your business.
  2. Premium Business Membership: For Business Owners looking to supercharge their presence on BOND for Business, the Premium Business Membership is the way to go. With this subscription, you can post up to 8 regular listings, as well as 3 featured listings. There are no limits on the number of images you can add, and you’ll have access to additional features.

Additionally, as a BOND Business Member, you receive a free Premium subscription. Other Business Members, that have not subscribed to our $39 monthly Business Member plan, can access this premium subscription for $89 per month. If you would like to become a BOND Business Member and take advantage of our premium BOND for Business description at no additional cost (a $89 monthly savings), please enroll here.

If you’re an existing BOND Business Member and wish to access BOND for Business Premium at no additional cost, please send an email to to request a coupon code.

We’re here to help you make the most of your BOND for Business experience. Whether you choose the free or premium membership, we’re committed to supporting your business and helping you grow your online presence.