Member Highlight: Mahogany’s Beauty and Dreadlocks

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In this article, we highlight Mahogany, a top entrepreneur and beautician in Southwest Florida with more than 20 years of cosmetology experience.

Mahogany Beauty Salon

How long have you been in the cosmetology field?

I’ve been doing hair since 1997. I started on the porch at my childhood home, then right out of high school I went to cosmetology school.

When did you know that hairstyling was the right path for you?

As I started doing hair, I quickly learned that it was a gift that I was born with. People would come and show me an image from magazines, such as JetEssence and InStyle. They would want their hair just like the image. I was able to easily mimic those hairstyles, some by celebrities, and I soon learned that it was a natural gift. There are people that go to school and still can’t do great hairstyles. You can show me a hairstyle and I can do it.

What type of clientele do you cater to?

I cater to all types. I do a lot of dreads, and my clients are all ages, from preschoolers to adults. Dreads are more common now that a lot of people are going natural.

What’s the hardest part about running your own salon?

The hardest part about running a hair salon is managing workers. I have to deal with different types of personalities, making sure workers pay rent, ensure workers manage their customers professionally and spend time understanding what workers allow their customers to do. Keeping good workers with the right attitude is also difficult.

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What do you specialize in as a stylist?

Mahogany Beauty and Dreadlocks

Mahogany’s Beauty and Dreadlocks specializes in all types of hair. We provide services including hair extensions, sew-in, cuts, color, relaxers, natural, dread interlocking and dreadlock maintenance.

What has been the best way for you to gain customers?

Word of mouth is my primary source for new clients. Every client that sits in my chair loves my personality and the services I provide. When they leave my chair, their hair is neat. Also, communicating with clients and showing them that I care about their hair increases client satisfaction. In return, those clients refer others. Everybody has different textured hair, so it’s important that I provide personalized services to gain new clients.

What’s your longest-running client relationship?

About 24 years. I have clients from high school that continue to use my services. I pride myself in long running client relations.

How can potential clients book your services?

I can be reached at (239) 823-7496.

Mahogany Beauty and Dreadlocks

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