If your business is currently facing challenges thanks to COVID-19, you’re certainly not alone! But to put it bluntly, there are two ways you can respond.

You can panic. Or you can plan.

Right now plenty of your competitors will be panicking. They’ll be going into their shells, reducing costs wherever they can, and basically putting up the shutters for the duration. 

They are self-isolating from their potential customers.

What’s the alternative for your business?

Now is the time to seize this opportunity and get your marketing and sales aligned, in a way your competitors won’t be. In practical terms, that means you should:

1. Create Your Marketing Playbook

Today’s markets are fiercely competitive with multiple competitors and many best practices needed for marketing techniques that change through time. This has increased the need for marketing strategies to attract customers, increase conversions and grow sales.

A marketing strategy defines the types of campaigns, communications, best practices and optimization techniques that will be used to maximize return-on-investment.

The concept is based on the idea of playbooks in sports like football and baseball. The coach compiles a selection of different offensive and defensive techniques their team can deploy in different situations to help beat the opposition.

GACN provides marketing DIY tips to help businesses develop marketing playbooks to reach their ideal customers, turn website traffic into leads, and increase sales.

2. Make the most of the leads that come your way now.

If your website isn’t as efficient as it could be, chances are you’re allowing leads to slip away – right when you need to be making the most of the opportunities that come your way.

Do you have a clear picture of everything that’s going on behind-the-scenes? Things like:

  • Does that “killer offer” you pinned your hopes actually pull in conversions? Or can it be fine-tuned?
  • Are your Landing Pages converting as highly as they should – or is some element letting the side down?
  • Do your forms ask for too much information – or too little? 

3. Maximize website efficiency: a crucial task that you must prioritize while traffic is down.

Get everything set up for when normality resumes

Sooner or later, this pandemic will come to an end.

The choice you need to make is: will you only THEN start from zero, looking for the right type of potential customer?

Or, would your business be better off returning to normality armed with an audience of qualified leads who’ve been in contact with you during COVID-19, who know your business’s strengths, and who have you firmly on their spending shortlist?

It’s actually a pretty clear decision!

To set your business up for success as soon as lock downs and restrictions are eased, it’s crucial that you do the groundwork now with your future buyers.

Your website content should revolve around the Customer Journey and put particular emphasis on the stages people are at when they’re working from home or unable to behave as they usually do.

That means plenty of Top of the Funnel content that answers their questions; Middle of Funnel content that offers them valuable information; and maaaaybe some very relevant Bottom of Funnel content if it meets their needs during these extraordinary times.

Marketing has always been about walking in your buyers’ shoes. It’s just that during COVID-19, they’re wearing different shoes – and your business messaging must reflect that.

Our strategies can help you and your sales team hit the ground running when lock downs ease and the economy really gets moving after its hibernation.

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