Platinum Sponsorship Package

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Introducing the Platinum Sponsorship Package for The Plan for Success Networking and Educational Event, hosted by The Bond Maker. This premier package is crafted to offer unparalleled visibility and exclusive perks, positioning your brand at the forefront of cities across America. Elevate your business, engage with an influential audience, and make a lasting impact with this all-encompassing sponsorship opportunity.

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Package Highlights:

  1. 6 VIP Event Tickets (1 Table): Secure an entire VIP table for your team, providing exclusive access to 6 VIP event tickets. Network, strategize, and build connections in a premium setting.
  2. Yes/No Registration Question: Gain valuable insights with a custom Yes/No registration question included in the event’s registration form, tailored to suit your business needs.
  3. Press Release Recognition: Establish your brand’s significance with your sponsorship level and full company name prominently featured in the official press release. Command attention and respect.
  4. Email and Online Visibility: Elevate your brand with your company logo prominently displayed under the appropriate sponsorship title in event emails and on the official online event page. Enjoy heightened visibility and engagement.
  5. Exclusive Table Tent Display: Make a statement with an exclusive side of table tents, ensuring your company logo stands out prominently in the event venue. Capture the attention of all attendees.
  6. Social Media Spotlight: Enhance your online presence with two individual posts highlighting your company in our social media posts. Reach a wider audience and create buzz leading up to the event.
  7. Display Table: Showcase your products or services with a dedicated display table, allowing you to interact directly with event attendees and make meaningful connections.
  8. Individually Recognized During Event: Enjoy individual recognition during the event, emphasizing your company’s contribution to the success of The Plan for Success Networking and Educational Event.
  9. Swag Bag Inclusion: Increase brand awareness by providing materials for our event swag bags, ensuring your company’s presence extends beyond the event itself.
  10. Pop-up Banner Display: Stand out with a company-provided pop-up banner prominently displayed during the event. Make a memorable impact and reinforce your brand message.
  11. Event Program Acknowledgment: Your company name will be recognized based on the sponsor level in the official Event Program, further solidifying your brand’s presence.
  12. Monthly Email Subscribers Recognition: Enjoy regular visibility with your company name acknowledged once a month to our growing list of email subscribers.

Limited Time Offer: 60% Off!

Seize this unparalleled opportunity to promote your business and generate more sales with our Platinum Sponsorship Package. Act now and take advantage of our exclusive 60% discount. Make a lasting impact at The Plan for Success Networking and Educational Event – where success meets opportunity!


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