In our hyperconnected, media-filled world, there are dozens of ways to connect with and engage audiences. Here are 51 ways to use in-person and online marketing channels to get noticed by new and old customers and clients.

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Tips For Tapping Into Multiple Marketing Channels

While there are many marketing channels, not all of these platforms or strategies will be right or work for your business. You need to know which channels to choose and how to strategically use each outlet. There is no reason that your business should struggle with coming up with ideas for your marketing plans. The list of marketing channels you can use for your business is deep and varied. You just need to know your options and how to use them.  

Choose the Right Marketing Channels

This long list of marketing channels may be a little intimidating. So drill down into the list by first eliminating the platforms you know won’t connect with your target audience. For example, if you know your ideal customers aren’t social media savvy, don’t spend time on Instagram and Pinterest.

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Then, identify the channels that will be most likely to connect with your target customers and clients based on their demographics and habits.

Repurpose Content When You Can

This list may also seem intimidating because it includes such a long list of content needs. But, don’t feel as though you need to create content from scratch for each of these marketing channels.

Look for ways to reuse and repost content (such as using a video you made for TV ad also as a Facebook ad and YouTube Video). Repurposing content stretches your resources and alleviates some of the stress of content creation.

Keeping up with marketing trends doesn’t have to be overwhelming. There are a few each year that are really worth the financial and time investment. This year, spend some time looking into influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, and podcast advertising.

Influencer marketing places your product in the hands of highly visible social media personalities. These may be celebrities, business moguls, and entrepreneurs. Paying people with well respected people to acknowledge they use their product and make posts about your business is a great way to circulate your brand into new spaces. 

Affiliate marketing is very similar. You pay other businesses or people to market your brand and they receive a percentage of commission per sale associated with their marketing efforts. There are huge companies that specifically do this for other companies. 

Nearly 50% of people in the United States are listening to podcasts these days. Most podcasts are funded through ads and sponsorships.  Reach a whole new demographic by placing ads on general interest podcasts or hone your focus on industry specific podcasts.

Build Out Your Editorial Calendar and Content Library

To get the best use of your content, organize your plans and past work. Create a content library that lists all of the copy, video, multimedia, graphics, and long-form content you have created. Use the library to identify opportunities for repurposing and to prevent your team from creating duplicate or redundant content.

Also, use an editorial calendar to plan for the future. Add your ideas to a year-long calendar that coordinates your marketing efforts and keeps your team on track.

There are multiple, effective marketing channels your business can tap into. You just need to know what they are and have a plan for utilizing them.

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