A Health and Wellness Initiative Designed to Inspire and Motivate Women

The Bond Maker Announces the Launch of BOND Fit “You Can” Campaign in Collaboration with Local Partners

Clermont, Fla., February 5, 2024 – The Bond Maker, an American motivational speaker, accomplished author, dedicated life coach, and podcast host, is excited to introduce the BOND Fit “You Can” campaign. This empowering health and wellness campaign is tailored exclusively for women in partnership with The HitFit Gym, Southern Nutrition Clermont, and other local partners throughout Central Florida.

The BOND Fit “You Can” campaign revolves around the core phrase “You Can” and focuses on inspiring women of all ages and backgrounds to embrace a healthier lifestyle. This campaign is rooted in the belief that women have the strength and capability to achieve their health and fitness goals, fostering empowerment and self-belief.

Here are four key highlights of the BOND Fit “You Can” campaign, emphasizing the benefits and participant expectations:

  1. 21-Day BOND Fit Challenge: Participants can expect an immersive fitness experience with our “21-Day BOND Fit Challenge.” This challenge offers a structured program to help women kickstart their fitness journey, combining the expertise of The HitFit Gym with The Bond Maker’s motivational guidance.
  2. Cook The Book Club: Promoting healthy cooking, the “Cook The Book Club” event brings women together to explore nutritious recipes, cooking techniques and shared culinary experiences. It’s an opportunity to bond over food while embracing healthier eating habits.
  3. Sound Baths and Guided Nutrition Consultations: The campaign offers unique experiences like Sound Baths, which promote relaxation and mindfulness. Additionally, participants can benefit from guided nutrition consultations provided by Southern Nutrition, enabling them to make informed choices about their dietary habits.
  4. Healthy Weight Loss and Meal Planning: The “You Can” campaign supports women on their weight loss journey with the help of Southern Nutrition Clermont by providing resources for healthy weight management. This includes access to meal planning guidance and helping participants make sustainable changes to their nutrition.

Sabrina Simmons, Chief Operating Executive of The Bond Maker, stated, “Our mission at The Bond Maker is to help women make meaningful connections through a variety of elevated events and experiences while encouraging them to stay active and live a healthier lifestyle, whether that’s through our Pickleball club or the ‘You Can’ campaign events and activities.”

In addition to the BOND Fit “You Can” campaign, The Bond Maker plans to host a series of events over the next few months to promote an active and healthier lifestyle for women. These events will provide opportunities for women to come together, connect, and embark on their journey towards wellness.

For further information, please contact:

Sarai Antoine, Executive Assistant at sarai.antoine@thebondmaker.com.

About The Bond Maker:

The Bond Maker is an American motivational speaker, accomplished author, dedicated life coach, and seasoned podcast host with a rich background spanning over two decades. The organization is committed to empowering women through meaningful connections, personal growth, and transformative experiences.

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