Starting a business is hard, especially if you’re doing it by yourself. Some of us may have the energy, resources, and skills to start our own businesses. But, some of us may not. For those of us who don’t, that doesn’t mean we’re less business savvy or less passionate than others. That just means we want to take advantage of what having a team can offer. If you’re looking to build your dream team, then surround yourself with like-minded individuals. These individuals should be dedicated to making your business thrive. Here are a few places that you should look to start building your dream team:

Family and close friends

Sharing your plans for your business with family and friends may not be the usual subject of dining table conversations. However, these conversations can yield surprising results. You never know who your family and close friends can connect you with. They may even be interested in joining your team. Working with your loved ones can be hard. Therefore, it’s important to set boundaries in these conversations. If you’ve already decided that you don’t want your family or close friends as business partners, that’s okay. Just remember to stay open to potential investment proposals!


Use all those nights you spent networking to your advantage. Identify areas of business need such as web development, and ask co-workers if they’d be interested in joining your team. You can also connect with co-workers in other departments like business or IT if you work for a large company. LinkedIn is also a great place to make connections with co-workers. Whatever the case, ensure that the people you choose to join your team are hard-working. But most importantly, equally passionate about your business’s purpose. Remember to approach all conversations with potential dream team members prepared with an abbreviated business plan and pitch.


If you haven’t had any luck finding team members in your inner circle or workplace, consider using LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the perfect place to search for people with similar interests and your desired skills. Simply search your key terms, visit the user profiles generated, and message the people who you like. Also, consider making a LinkedIn “job” posting where you can briefly describe your business and the specialties that you’re seeking. You can also make a regular LinkedIn post describing your interest in assembling a team and use hashtags to gain traction.

Other Social Media

Don’t hesitate to post on your other social media channels as well. Who knows? The perfect partner could be your best friend’s cousin who just so happens to be a whiz at everything that your business needs. If you approach your search with eagerness and consistency, you’ll be well on your way to assembling the business team of your dreams.

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