Due to the pandemic, many of us have switched from in office working to working from home.  This change did not come easy and has forced many of us to adapt. But don’t worry, GACN is here to give you some tips to help you.

To help you focus on the work you have ahead of you, it’s best to find a space with little to no distractions. It’s essential to create an environment where you can be comfortable and also have a productive workday while working from home. Using visual reminders around your work area will also help you stay motivated while remembering to complete all of your daily tasks.

1. Create a work-life balance

It’s easy for your work life and personal life to overlap when working from home. However, being able to balance your time between your work life and your personal life will result in you being happier and more successful at work. Create boundaries for yourself to help work from invading your personal life. Try not to bite off more than you can chew, if you already have a heavy workload don’t take on anymore because you feel obligated to.  

2. Create a routine

Creating a routine for yourself will help enforce the need for a healthy work from home balance. By creating a routine you will also be able to divide your time between all of your daily activities. Routines are also essential for making sure you have enough time to rest. For example, having a morning and night routine will help you get ready for the day and will also help you whine down and get a full night’s rest.

3. Don’t forget to take a break

It’s understandable that once we begin working we get so immersed in it that we often forget to take breaks. However, taking breaks is necessary not only to avoid burnout but also to help avoid stress. Breaks while working from home also require a bit more from you in order to make sure you’re actually taking a break and not just scrolling on your social media in your workspace. If possible you should leave your work area during your breaks.

4. Get to know your coworkers

Socializing is an important aspect of human behavior. However, during these times, socializing is limited to the people we live with. Don’t panic though! Working from home is a great time to get to know your coworkers via zoom or face time which will help you stay connected with all of your coworkers.

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