What are the most productive things to do as a business owner? It is fair to wonder whether you’re getting the most out of your day or if your day is as productive as it should be. This post is an example of different things you can add into your day, or change altogether, to make sure you’re living your best life and getting the most out of your day as a business owner. Follow along for a sequence of events in a day in a business owner’s life that you might want to adapt to your days.

1. One of the most productive things to do

This one is probably a no-brainer, but getting up early is one of the most productive things to do for entrepreneurs. It can change what would have been a lazy day to a productive day. If you are someone that enjoys sleeping in, think about adjusting your sleep schedule to get you used to waking up no later than 9AM and sleeping no later than midnight. Trust me, a good sleep schedule will change your life.

2. Meditate early in the morning

Meditating soon after waking up allows you to become in touch with yourself and mind before all of the other things come in, like work, relationships, or worries. Centering yourself is very important, especially if you might experience stress. Grounding is one of the most productive things to do to help you meditate.

3. Have a healthy and fulfilling breakfast

I know what you’re thinking! You’re either thinking, “Duh!” or thinking, “I don’t have time for breakfast!” No matter which you are, one of the most productive things to do during breakfast is putting good things in your stomach. Eating healthy will help you start your day the right way. Try and opt for healthy options, like oatmeal and berries, yogurt and granola, and eggs and some toast. Whatever choice it is, your body will thank you throughout the day. Please read our blog post about ten power snacks that will help keep you productive.

4. Respond to your work emails early in the day

Putting off responding to an email sounds okay until one email becomes five emails which become ten. Making sure you stay on top of your emails by responding to any new emails in the morning leaves you with more time to deal with new situations and conversations that arise. Check out our blog post about the 4 crucial business email etiquette tips you should be implementing in your emails here.

5. Productive things to do: Focus on your business tasks

As a business owner, you should make sure your business is up to date in everything whether it be finances or social media presence. Allot time and energy towards maintaining your business up to the standard you would like it to be in. If you want personalized help with your business tasks, let us help! Become a GACN member to receive loads of instant benefits and guidance with your business. Register here today.

6. Make time for lunch

It may seem tempting to skip lunch if you’re super busy, but don’t do it! One of the most productive things to do is blocking out time for lunch. Blocking time for lunch will give you time to nourish your body, which you will be grateful for in the long run. Make lunch a time that you can have for yourself and don’t always bring work with you! Multitasking is great, but your lunchtime should be your own. It would be best if you weren’t running your business during your break.

7. Don’t bring work home with you every time

This is probably the most important takeaway from this post. Even if you work from home, having a designated place for work that doesn’t infiltrate your home space is so important. Disconnecting from emails and colleagues after your business hours helps in not bringing work home. There are exceptions of course, like when trying to fulfill a deadline or something of that sort. Letting your mind and body rest from the fast pace of a work environment at the end of your days will ready you for your next day. Read our blog post here about how to unwind after a stressful day.

8. Productive things to do: Make it a habit to sleep early

In order to wake up early, you need to sleep early. Being well rested will positively affect how well you do at work. For many night owls, nighttime is where they can have their alone time, where the world will not bother them, and it makes them want to stay in that state longer. As tempting as that sounds, if you make sure to leave work at work and not bring it home, you should have plenty of time to recharge and rest before sleeping early.

Well, there you have it! Make sure to tweak these tips to fit your lifestyle if they don’t exactly work for you. No one knows you better than yourself, so make sure to listen to what feels right!

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